Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
matrix-sydent Debian Experimental 2.3.0-1 None
matrix-synapse Debian Sid 1.44.0-2 None
python-matrix-nio Debian Sid 0.18.7-1 None
matrix-mirage Debian Sid 0.7.2~dfsg+~hsluv1.0.0+~1.0.0-3 None
olm Debian Sid 3.2.6~dfsg-2 None
olm Debian Experimental 3.2.6~dfsg-1 None
pantalaimon Debian Sid 0.10.3-1 None
node-matrix-js-sdk Debian Sid 9.11.0+~cs9.9.16-1 None
python-matrix-nio Debian Experimental 0.18.2-1 None
pantalaimon Debian Experimental 0.10.0-1 None
matrix-construct Debian Experimental 0.6.103~dfsg1+~6.11.4-2 None
libquotient Debian Sid 0.6.6-1 None
quaternion Debian Sid None
olm Ubuntu Hirsute 3.2.1~dfsg-7ubuntu1 None
node-matrix-js-sdk Debian Experimental 9.7.0~~rc1+~cs9.9.16-1 None
matrix-synapse-ldap3 Debian Sid 0.1.4+git20201015+a3c7a9f-1 None
matrix-hydrogen Debian Experimental 0.1.30~dfsg-1 None
revolt Debian Sid 0.0+git20200723.0aca6c8-1 None
matrix-mirage Ubuntu Hirsute 0.6.4~dfsg+~hsluv1.0.0-2build1 None
python-signedjson Debian Sid 1.1.1-2 None
python-canonicaljson Debian Sid 1.4.0-1 None
libqmatrixclient Debian Sid None
quaternion Ubuntu Focal None
matrix-synapse Debian Experimental 1.5.0~rc1-1 None
python-unpaddedbase64 Debian Sid 1.1.0-5 None
revolt Ubuntu Disco 0.0+git20170627.3f5112b-3build2 None
revolt Ubuntu Cosmic 0.0+git20170627.3f5112b-3build1 None
nheko Debian Sid 0.4.2-1 None
128 of 28 results