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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
mpv Debian Sid 0.26.0-3 2017-07-27 None
ffmpeg Debian Sid 7:3.3.2-1 2017-07-27 s390x arm64
inkscape Debian Sid 0.92.2~pre0-1 2017-07-26 None
x265 Debian Experimental 2.5-1 2017-07-25 None
faac Debian Sid 1.29.3+git20170724-1 2017-07-25 None
mixxx Debian Sid 2.0.0~dfsg-7.1 2017-07-24 None
libopenshot Ubuntu Artful 0.1.2+ds1-3build1 2017-07-24 s390x ppc64el armhf arm64
blender Ubuntu Artful 2.78.c+dfsg0-2build1 2017-07-24 None
serd Debian Sid 0.28.0~dfsg0-1 2017-07-24 None
zynaddsubfx Debian Sid 3.0.2-1 2017-07-24 None