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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
vlc Debian Experimental 2.2.5-4 2017-04-23 None
obs-studio Debian Experimental 18.0.1+dfsg1-2 2017-04-23 None
vlc Ubuntu Artful 2.2.5-3build1 2017-04-23 arm64
mpv Ubuntu Artful 0.24.0-1build1 2017-04-23 None
mplayer Ubuntu Artful 2:1.3.0-6build2 2017-04-23 None
handbrake Ubuntu Artful 1.0.3+ds1-1build1 2017-04-23 None
ffmpeg Ubuntu Artful 7:3.2.4-1build3 2017-04-23 None
rtkit Ubuntu Artful 0.11-4build1 2017-04-21 None
liblivemedia Debian Experimental 2017.04.10-1 2017-04-19 None
protracker Debian Sid 2.3d.r10-1 2017-04-18 None