John Lewis is the Chief Software Architect for Unicon Inc, the leading independent provider of open source training, consulting, and support in higher education. John is a 20 year veteran of the software engineering industry. His passions are large-scale enterprise architecture, open-source technologies, and agile software development methods. He has been working heavily in Java-based enterprise information portals since 2001 and is the lead developer of Spring Portlet MVC, which provides JSR-168 support in the latest release of the Spring Framework.

John has been using Linux for 15 years now, primarily in a server capacity. He has long wanted to use it as a desktop operating system, but (as with most others) was trapped on Windows because of laptop hardware support and some key software applications. Has has been happily running Ubuntu as the primary operating system on his laptop since December 2006. He routinely evangelizes Ubuntu to other power users, especially to software developers.

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