Team participation for Yann Pouillon

Yann Pouillon is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Abinit Developers 2008-04-19 Owner
Abinit Fallbacks Developers 2014-11-04 Owner
Abinit Maintainers 2008-04-19 Owner
AtomPAW Developers 2010-10-20 Owner
CECAM Tutorials Teachers 2017-03-25 Owner
ETSF Maintainers 2007-12-12 Owner
ETSF_IO Developers 2010-11-16 Owner
Electronic Structure Library Contributors 2014-07-29 Owner Subscribed
Electronic Structure Library Developers 2014-07-31 Owner
Electronic Structure Library Maintainers 2014-07-07 Owner Subscribed
FDF Maintainers 2018-01-30 Owner
GridXC Developers 2015-06-05 Owner
LibPSML Maintainers 2017-11-07 Member
LibXC Developers 2013-11-05 Owner
Libpspio Developers 2014-07-22 Owner Subscribed
PseudoGen PSML Patch 2017-07-24 Member
Siesta Pseudos and Bases 2017-01-24 Member
Ubuntu SSO 2-factor testers 2017-06-01 Member
Wannier90 Packagers 2016-02-07 Owner
xmlf90 Maintainers 2017-11-07 Member