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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
golang-github-kelseyhightower-envconfig-dev Debian Sid 1.3.0-2 None
pyramid-jinja2 Debian Sid 2.7+dfsg-1.2 None
libjs-graphael Debian Sid 0.5+dfsg-1.1 None
plymouth-theme-hamara Debian Sid 1.0+nmu1 None
node-sellside-emitter Debian Sid 1.2.1-3 None
golang-gitaly-proto Debian Sid 0.113.0+dfsg-2 None
golang-gitaly-proto Debian Experimental 0.113.0+dfsg-1 None
gitlab-workhorse Debian Sid 4.2.1+debian-2 None
http-parser Debian Sid 2.1-2.1 None
gitaly Debian Sid 0.6.0+debian-1 s390x ppc64el i386 armhf arm64 amd64

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gitlab Ubuntu Yakkety 8.11.3+dfsg1-1~build1 None

PPA packages

7 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ruby-commonmarker focal-ruby2.7-transition - Ubuntu Focal 0.20.2-1 None
ruby-charlock-holmes focal-ruby2.7-transition - Ubuntu Focal 0.7.6-1 None
ruby-character-set focal-ruby2.7-transition - Ubuntu Focal 1.1.2-1 None
gitlab costamagnagianfranco-ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 8.5.8+dfsg-4 None
ruby-gitlab-git costamagnagianfranco-ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 8.2.0-2 None
ruby-gitlab-emoji costamagnagianfranco-ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.1-2 None
ruby-nokogiri Chaos-PPA-v2 - Ubuntu Trusty None