pyQode is a flexible code editor widget sets for PyQt4/PySide applications. This is an alternative to QScintilla.

pyQode is a namespace package made up of the following subpackages:

- pyqode.core: the foundation package, provides a generic code editor widget and the extensions framework that you can use to create a more specialized editor widget.

- pyqode.python: add python support to pyqode, provides new modes and panels such as a code completion, a symbol browser, live syntax checker based on pep8 and pyFlakes, ...

- pyqode.widgets: a set of utilitary widgets that might be usefull for IDE

- pyqode.designer: a simple script that startup qt creator with the pyqode plugins

The goal of this project is to provides an basic code editor widget that is easy to extend. As I am a python afficionado, I decided
to implement a more specialised editor that I will be using in many different projects (including at work). I also used it to build

You are encouraged to extend pyqode.core to add support for your favorite programming language and to contribute it back by joining the team!

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