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qucs (0.0.18-2) utopic; urgency=medium

  * Qucs 0.0.18 Release Notes
  * This release brings improvements on many parts of Qucs. The port from Qt3 to Qt4 is still ongoing and any bugs and usability issues have been fixed in the process. A few new features were added and others are in development. See below a short summary of the most noticeable enhancements.
  * Qucs, Qucsator
  *     new: Dynamic compilation and loading of Verilog-A modules (beta feature). Addition of a full ADMS/Qucs "turn key" Verilog-A compact device modelling system to Qucs. Users are no longer required to manually edit C++ code and the build system to be able to run Verilog-A models. Uses ADMS 2.3.4 (only a subset of Verilog-A is supported).
  *     fix: Spice file handling and translator
  *     new: Addition of BSIM 3 and BSIM 4 models to Qucs MOS models.
  *     new: Release of the first model (RFresistor) in a new series of RF models for Harmonic Balance and other forms of Qucs simulation.
  *     new: HICUM npn and pnp Level 0 V1.3 Verilog-A devices.
  *     new: HICUM npn level 2 V2.32 Verilog-A device.
  * Qucs
  *     new/fix : Ported several classes from Qt3Support to Qt4 (work in progress)
  *     new: use QSettings to store user preferences and application settings
  *     new: Copy/duplicate project content files
  *     new: Export schematic and diagrams to SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PDF+Latex, EPS (Inkscape required)
  *     new: Component library is not included on the Dock Window
  *     new: Added checkbox to settings, which allows to load schematics from future versions
  *     new: Open Recent menu option
  *     new: Set ADMS, ASCO and Octave paths on the application settings
  *     new: Use environment variables ADMSXMLBINDIR, ASCOBINDIR, OCTAVEBINDIR to set tools paths
  *     new: Updated translations: pt-BR, pt-PT, ru
  * Qucsator
  *     new: Refactoring of Qucsator namespace. Most of the core functions are under the namespace qucs::
  *     new: Allow to run autotest by adding bugon/assert operator
  *     new: initial support for unit testing with googletest.
  *     new: added a Python scripts for parsing Qucs data files
  *     fix: enable BJT models with (Vtf < 0)
  * QucsFilter, QucsAttenuator, QucsHelp, QucsEdit
  *     new/fix : Ported several classes from Qt3Support to Qt4 (work in progress)
  * QucsResCodes
  *     new: QucsResCodes is a program to compute color codes for resistors and resistance values from color codes. The program computes the closest standard resistor value. Users can paste the computed resistor in the schematic.
  * Interfaces
  *     Improved Qucs/Octave interface for GUI and Qucssator netlist entry (including a start on a Octave library of plotting functions for Qucs post simulation data visualisation)
  *     First steps in developing a combined Qucs/Python Qucs simulation capability with high quality date visualisation using matplolib. Applications include basic sensitivity analysis and circuit performance optimisation.
  *     Preliminary version of Qucs/Octave linked transient simulation capability.
  * Build system
  *     Add ADMS as a Git submodule to the Qucs Git repository
  *     Added --disable-asco and --disable-adms option to skip the build of included sources
  *     Added CMake (experimental) for advanced users building from Git repository
  *     OSX: options to build against 10.5 to 10.9 SDK
  * Included packages
  *     ASCO 0.4.9 (patched)
  *     ADMS 2.3.4
  * Miscelaneous
  *     Project website is now under version control.
  *     Source code is now under Travis continuous integration service.
  *     Source code documentation (Doxygen) available on the website.
  *     Preliminary regression and test suite (qucs-test)
  * Bug fixes
  *     Hundreds of bug fixes and code improvements.
 -- Frans Schreuder <email address hidden>   Tue, 02 Sep 2014 16:52:48 +0200

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