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Maintained packages

7 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-trio Debian Sid 0.20.0-1 None
python-trustme Debian Sid 0.9.0-1 None
python-sniffio Debian Sid 1.2.0-1 None
python-outcome Debian Sid 1.1.0-1 None
python-sniffio Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0-1build1 amd64
python-trio Ubuntu Focal 0.11.0-2~build1 None
mod-authnz-persona Debian Sid 0.8.1-1 None

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
vlfeat Ubuntu Kinetic 0.9.21+dfsg0-7build2 None
octave-video Ubuntu Kinetic 2.0.2-1build2 None
octave-vibes Ubuntu Kinetic 0.2.0-7build2 None
octave-struct Ubuntu Kinetic 1.0.18-1build1 None
octave-strings Ubuntu Kinetic 1.2.0-12build2 None
octave-stk Ubuntu Kinetic 2.7.0-2build1 None
octave-sparsersb Ubuntu Kinetic 1.0.9-3build1 None
octave-sockets Ubuntu Kinetic 1.3.0-1build1 None
octave-signal Ubuntu Kinetic 1.4.2-1build1 None
octave-secs2d Ubuntu Kinetic 0.0.8-15build2 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xl2tpd Fixes - Ubuntu Jammy 1.3.16-1ubuntu0.1~ppa1 None
git-annex Backports - Ubuntu Jammy 8.20211123-0ubuntu1~ppa1 None
dkms Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 2.8.7-2ubuntu1~ppa1 None
rp-pppoe Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 3.12-1.2ubuntu2+ppa1 None
pptpd Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.4.0-12build1+ppa1 None
network-manager Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.35.92-1ubuntu1+ppa1 None
network-manager-pptp Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.2.8-4+ppa1 None
network-manager-l2tp Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.20.0-1build1+ppa1 None
network-manager-fortisslvpn Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.2.10-0ubuntu2+ppa1 None
connman Experimental - Ubuntu Jammy 1.36-2.3+ppa1 None

Synchronised packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
sstp-client Ubuntu Jammy 1.0.17-1 None
mysql-8.0 Ubuntu Groovy 8.0.21-1 None
python-trio Ubuntu Focal 0.13.0-2 None
apophenia Ubuntu Focal 1.0+ds-8 None
autokey Ubuntu Focal 0.95.9-2 None
lexicon Ubuntu Disco 3.0.8-2 None
dav4tbsync Ubuntu Disco 0.15-1 None
eas4tbsync Ubuntu Disco 0.12-1 None
mysql-5.7 Ubuntu Disco 5.7.24-2 None
unixodbc Ubuntu Cosmic 2.3.6-0.1 None