I've been interested in open source for a long time, but never really got involved. I've always just kind of worked alone on both my own projects
and freelance jobs.
However, I now feel even more inclined to get involved in open source so I hope to be able to make worthwhile contributions now that I'm here.

I do a small amount of web development, mostly backend work in PHP, but lately I've been working towards being able to do frontend work as well
and I find that to be more enjoyable.

I mainly focus on desktop software development; I'm most familiar with C, C++, and Vala, but I'm still pretty rusty with Vala. I also know C#, which was one of the first programming languages I learned, but I don't use it anymore so I'll probably end up forgetting it anyway, heh.

I've been studying Japanese for about a year and a half now on my own so I'll try to contribute some translation work as well. I mostly translate from Japanese to English as opposed to English to Japanese, but I can usually make do so long as I have a dictionary on hand.

If I ever screw up, please let me know; there's always room for improvement haha.

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