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Provide a workflow which is takes a list of role names as input and populates roles_data.yaml in container in Swift with respective roles from 'roles directory' input: container, array of role names 1) validate that all roles specified as input exist in roles directory 2) for each role name from the input, check i...
Provide an UpdateRoles workflow to update Roles. It takes data in json format validates its contents and persists them in roles_data.yaml, after successful update, templates are regenerated. input: containerName, [array of roles in json to update in json] 1) validate the format of input (verify that each role in i...
Provide a Mistral action to list deployment Roles which are available to be used for deployment in Deployment Plan Action description: input: planName Action goes to swift plan container and outputs objects with name 'roles/<RoleName>' (not just names, whole contents) in json format output: [ { name: 'Bloc...

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