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Merge Django OpenStack Auth with Horizon for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Django OpenStack Auth is a library consumed by Horizon that handles its interactions with Keystone. It was originally built as a separate library so that other auth plugins (like the now defunct Django OpenStack Auth Kerberos) could be swapped in. However, over time, the library has become increasingly highly couple...
Improve the documentation for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
The docs have been fairly neglected for a while. A lot of the information is outdated and/or disorganised. We should do a pass over the information, removing or updating old parts, as well as filling gaps where we find them. We should also update the docs to match the visual style of the docs team. The documentatio...
Angular Overview Panels for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Summary ======= This blueprint will replace the Python overview panels with Angular implementations. The Python panels will be deprecated and the angular views used by default. Motivation ======== The overview panels make a large number of API calls and cause fairly significant slowdown on anything but the smallest...
Re-implement Network workflows in AngularJS for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Summary ======= Move OpenStack Dashboard Network workflows rendering logic to client-side using AngularJS. Motivation ========== OpenStack Kilo release introduced new reusable AngularJS widgets in Horizon, such as a new table implementation with expandable content and filtering. These features reflect an ongoing ...

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