Team participation for Paul Hummer

Paul Hummer is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
E17 Users 2009-09-11 Admin
Edubuntu Advocacy 2010-04-13 Member
Entertainer Developers 2008-04-27 Owner
Entertainer Release Team 2008-05-11 Owner
Gally ASL Contributors Member Gally Developers
Gally BSL Contributors Member Gally Developers
Gally Developers 2010-07-06 Member
Gally LSF Contributors Member Gally Developers
Gally NGT Contributors Member Gally Developers
Launchpad Users 2008-12-16 Member Not subscribed
Loco Django Development Dev Team 2008-07-04 Member
Nova-lxd team 2016-05-30 Admin
Novacut Community 2010-10-29 Member Not subscribed
OpenStack Security 2016-01-28 Member
OpenStack Team 2013-05-22 Admin
Openstack Charmers Layers 2015-12-01 Member
Phazr team 2011-03-18 Owner
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Contributing Developers
Tahoe-LAFS Team 2010-09-05 Owner
Tarmac Control Tower 2009-07-07 Admin
Ubuntu Amateur Radio 2010-02-19 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Contributing Developers 2016-01-13 Member
Ubuntu Cyclists 2008-09-23 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Marketing Team Member Edubuntu Advocacy
Ubuntu Members Member Ubuntu Contributing Developers
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Contributing Developers
Wikkid Developer List 2010-05-11 Member Not subscribed
bzr-autoreview 2009-03-05 Owner
bzr-builder developers 2010-09-30 Member
bzr-stats developers 2009-01-30 Member users 2009-09-06 Member
txAWS Committers 2012-01-24 Member Not subscribed
txAWS Technical List Member txAWS Committers Not subscribed
txAWS Users List 2010-01-13 Member Not subscribed