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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Precise 3.2.2-0ubuntu3 2011-11-16 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Oneiric 3.2.2-0ubuntu2 2011-11-16 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Precise 1:3.2.2-0ubuntu2 2011-11-15 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Oneiric 1:3.2.2-0ubuntu1 2011-11-10 powerpc
gnome-session Ubuntu Oneiric 3.2.0-0ubuntu3 2011-10-06 None
gnome-desktop3 Ubuntu Oneiric 3.2.0-0ubuntu4 2011-10-04 None
network-manager-applet Ubuntu Oneiric 2011-09-29 None
gnome-online-accounts Ubuntu Oneiric 2011-09-28 None
gnome-contacts Ubuntu Oneiric 2011-09-26 None
folks Ubuntu Oneiric 2011-09-26 None
libgnome-keyring Ubuntu Oneiric 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 2011-09-26 None
brasero Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.92-0ubuntu1 2011-09-22 None
couchdb-glib Ubuntu Oneiric 0.7.4-0ubuntu2 2011-09-20 armhf
eog Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.92-0ubuntu1 2011-09-20 None
file-roller Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.92-0ubuntu1 2011-09-20 None
colord Ubuntu Oneiric 0.1.12-1ubuntu1 2011-09-19 None
evolution-couchdb Ubuntu Oneiric 0.5.91-0ubuntu5 2011-09-14 None
gnome-applets Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.91-0ubuntu1 2011-09-12 None
libwnck Ubuntu Oneiric 1:2.30.7-0ubuntu1 2011-09-09 None
evolution-rss Ubuntu Natty 0.2.5-0ubuntu1 2011-09-09 None
vala-0.14 Ubuntu Oneiric 0.13.4-0ubuntu1 2011-09-08 None
system-config-printer Ubuntu Oneiric 1.3.6+20110831-0ubuntu3 2011-09-07 None
gsettings-desktop-schemas Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.91-0ubuntu1 2011-09-06 None
gnome-keyring Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.91-0ubuntu2 2011-09-06 None
evince Ubuntu Oneiric 2011-09-02 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6.13-1ubuntu4 2011-08-22 None
gnome-color-manager Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.2-0ubuntu1 2011-08-19 powerpc i386 armel amd64
gnome-menus Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.1-0ubuntu5 2011-07-26 None
gnome-power-manager Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.3-0ubuntu1 2011-07-26 None
gtk+3.0 Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.8-0ubuntu3 2011-07-15 None
orbit2 Ubuntu Oneiric 1:2.14.19-0ubuntu3 2011-07-13 None
gnome-utils Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.2-0ubuntu1 2011-07-07 armel
gedit Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.5-0ubuntu1 2011-06-17 None
yelp Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.3-0ubuntu2 2011-06-10 None
gucharmap Ubuntu Oneiric 1:3.0.1-0ubuntu1 2011-06-02 None
gnome-bluetooth Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.1-0ubuntu1 2011-05-31 None
gnome-games Ubuntu Oneiric 1:3.0.2-0ubuntu1 2011-05-30 None
evolution-indicator Ubuntu Oneiric 0.2.16-0ubuntu1 2011-05-27 None
gnome-terminal Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.1-0ubuntu1 2011-05-25 None
vino Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.2-0ubuntu4 2011-05-23 None
gnome-nettool Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.0-0ubuntu2 2011-05-17 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Natty 1:2.32.1-0ubuntu6.5 2011-05-02 None
libgnomekbd Ubuntu Oneiric 2.91.91-2 2011-04-29 None
json-glib Ubuntu Maverick 0.10.2-2ubuntu2.1 2011-04-21 None
webkit Ubuntu Natty 1.3.13-0ubuntu2 2011-04-20 None
couchdb-glib Ubuntu Natty 0.7.2-0ubuntu3 2011-04-20 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Natty 2.32.1-0ubuntu13.1 2011-04-19 None
gnome-applets Ubuntu Natty 2011-04-14 None
evolution-couchdb Ubuntu Natty 0.5.3-0ubuntu2 2011-04-06 None
glib-networking Ubuntu Natty 2.28.0-1ubuntu1 2011-03-30 None
nautilus Ubuntu Natty 1: 2011-03-23 None
evolution Ubuntu Natty 2.32.2-0ubuntu4 2011-03-23 None
vino Ubuntu Natty 2.32.1-0ubuntu2 2011-03-15 None
libcanberra Ubuntu Natty 0.28-0ubuntu1 2011-03-03 None
gnome-desktop3 Ubuntu Natty 2.91.5-0ubuntu1 2011-01-12 None
gobject-introspection Ubuntu Natty 0.10.0-0ubuntu2 2010-12-23 None
libubuntuone Ubuntu Natty 0.3.8-0ubuntu5 2010-12-09 None
gsettings-desktop-schemas Ubuntu Natty 0.1.2-0ubuntu1 2010-11-30 None
evolution-data-server Ubuntu Natty 2.32.1-0ubuntu1 2010-11-25 None
gnome-menus Ubuntu Natty 2.30.5-0ubuntu1 2010-11-22 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Natty 1:2.32.1-0ubuntu1 2010-11-18 None
gnome-themes Ubuntu Natty 2.32.1-0ubuntu1 2010-11-17 None
ubuntuone-client Ubuntu Maverick 1.4.5-0ubuntu1 2010-10-14 None
rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store Ubuntu Maverick 0.1.9-0ubuntu1 2010-10-14 None
rhythmbox Ubuntu Maverick 0.13.1-0ubuntu5 2010-09-27 None
evolution Ubuntu Maverick 2.30.3-1ubuntu5 2010-09-22 None
libubuntuone Ubuntu Maverick 0.3.8-0ubuntu1 2010-09-21 None
tomboy Ubuntu Maverick 1.3.4-0ubuntu1 2010-09-20 None
evolution-couchdb Ubuntu Maverick 0.5.0-0ubuntu1 2010-08-31 None
couchdb-glib Ubuntu Maverick 0.6.96-0ubuntu1 2010-08-31 None
couchdb-glib Ubuntu Lucid 0.6.3-0ubuntu2 2010-08-17 None
ubuntuone-storage-protocol Ubuntu Maverick 1.3.2-0ubuntu1 2010-07-06 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Maverick 2.30.2-0ubuntu1 2010-06-22 None
evolution-couchdb Ubuntu Lucid 0.4.5-0ubuntu1 2010-04-09 None
evolution-couchdb Ubuntu Karmic 0.3.2-0ubuntu2 2009-10-22 None
175 of 78 results