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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
mailfromd Debian Sid 8.17.1-3 None
fig2dev Debian Sid 1:3.2.9-3 None
ding Debian Sid 1.9-7 None
privoxy Debian Sid 3.0.34-3 None
hkgerman Debian Sid 1:2-39 None
xfig Debian Sid 1:3.2.9-1 None
rancid Debian Sid 3.13-3 None
lbdb Debian Sid 0.52.1-1 None
igerman98 Debian Sid 20161207-11 None
xfig Debian Bullseye 1:3.2.8-3+deb11u1 None

PPA packages

2 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libfile-tail-perl PPA named experimental for Mahyuddin Susanto - Ubuntu Precise 0.99.3-5 None
privoxy PPA for Hugues Fournier - Ubuntu Gutsy 3.0.8-1 None