As a member of the Gnome NL ( and the Ubuntu DutchTeam ( I tried to make Ubuntu a viable enterprise Desktop for Dutch speaking users.

From 2005 til 2013 I worked for a big high school in Oss, The Netherlands. I've lead the team that migrated all of their 43 Microsoft and Novell servers to virtualized Linux servers using KVM and LXC on Debian. We've set up the Ubuntu Desktop on 25% of our 2000 workplaces using generic HP Atom-based thin clients on Ubuntu LTSP. This way we tried to get heat and sound out of the classrooms, while liberating our pupils, staff and budgets from proprietary solutions. The reamining 1500 Windows desktops were deployed using a custom python and torrent based deployment system which runs on Debian servers. Other open solutions deployed were Asterisk (SIP), Sogo (CalDAV), courier (IMAP), postfix (SMTP) and openldap (LDAP).

Currently I'm writing articles and scripts about audio related free software, such as mpd, ssrc and sox at

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