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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
kid Ubuntu Focal 0.9.6-3build1 None
desktop-file-utils Debian Sid 0.23-2 None
gnome-xcf-thumbnailer Ubuntu Yakkety 1.0-1.2build1 None
gssdp Ubuntu Xenial 0.14.13-1ubuntu1 None
gupnp Ubuntu Xenial 0.20.15-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-xcf-thumbnailer Debian Sid 1.0-1.2 None
gupnp Debian Sid 0.20.15-1 None
gssdp Debian Sid 0.14.13-1 None
gupnp-tools Debian Sid 0.8.11-1 None
kid Debian Sid 0.9.6-3 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gupnp PPA for Ying-Chun Liu (GrandPaul) - Ubuntu Jaunty 0.12.6-3 None