Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
bpfcc Debian Sid 0.24.0+ds-1 Not yet built
snapper-gui Debian Sid 0git.960a94834f-5 None
dico Debian Sid 2.11-2 None
mergerfs Debian Sid 2.33.3-1 None
dict-gcide Debian Sid 0.48.5+nmu2 None
apt-offline Debian Sid 1.8.4-1 None
thunarx-python Ubuntu Jammy 0.5.2-2build1 None
dico Ubuntu Jammy 2.10-1build2 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Jammy 0.18.0+ds-2build1 s390x ppc64el armhf arm64 amd64
bpfcc Debian Experimental 0.22.0+ds-1 None
iio-sensor-proxy Ubuntu Impish 3.3-0ubuntu3.2 None
thunarx-python Debian Sid 0.5.2-2 None
sg3-utils Debian Sid 1.46-1 None
thunarx-python Debian Experimental 0.5.2-1 None
mergerfs Ubuntu Impish 2.31.0-1ubuntu3 None
dico Ubuntu Impish 2.10-1build1 None
iio-sensor-proxy Ubuntu Focal 2.8-1ubuntu1 None
iio-sensor-proxy Debian Sid 3.0-2 None
smp-utils Debian Sid 0.99-1 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Hirsute 0.17.0-7build1 s390x ppc64el armhf arm64 amd64
dico Ubuntu Hirsute 2.9-5build1 None
seascope Debian Sid 0.9+8a669e0e-3 None
laptop-mode-tools Debian Sid 1.74-1.1 None
mergerfs Ubuntu Focal 2.28.1-1build1 None
dico Ubuntu Focal 2.9-2build2 None
perf-tools-unstable Debian Sid 1.0.1~20200130+git49b8cdf-1 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Focal 0.11.0-1build1 None
systemtap Debian Sid 4.2-1 None
smp-utils Ubuntu Eoan 0.98-2build1 None
dico Debian Experimental 2.9-1 None
libnss-unknown Debian Sid 0.0.2-2 None
dico Ubuntu Disco 2.7-1build1 None
libnfs Debian Experimental 3.0.0-1~exp2 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Disco 0.6.0-2build1 None
redshift Debian Sid 1.12-2 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Cosmic 0.6.0-1ubuntu2 None
mergerfs Debian Experimental 2.24.2-1 None
libnfs Debian Sid 2.0.0-1~exp1 None
apport Debian Experimental 2.20.4-5 None
bpfcc Ubuntu Bionic 0.5.0-5ubuntu1 None
iio-sensor-proxy Debian Experimental 2.4-1 None
systemtap Ubuntu Artful 3.1-2ubuntu1 None
systemtap Debian Experimental 3.1-1 None
systemtap Ubuntu Zesty 3.0-7build1 None
sysprof Debian Experimental 3.21.90-2 None
sysprof Debian Sid 3.20.0-3 s390x powerpc armhf arm64
targetcli Debian Experimental 2:2.1.fb43-1 None
configshell Debian Experimental 2:1.1.fb20-1 None
targetcli Debian Sid 1:3.0~pre4.1~ga55d018-3 None
rtslib Debian Sid 1:3.0~pre4.1~g1b33ceb-3 None
libstoragemgmt Ubuntu Yakkety 1.2.3-1build1 None
apt-offline Debian Jessie 1.5.1 None
systemtap Ubuntu Xenial 2.9-2ubuntu1 None
systemtap Ubuntu Wily 2.8-2ubuntu1 None
ioapps Debian Sid 1.4r2-4 ppc64el powerpc armhf arm64
libstoragemgmt Debian Sid 1.2.3-1 None
system-storage-manager Debian Sid 0.4-1 None
configshell Debian Sid 1.6.1~g020d540-2 None
systemtap Ubuntu Vivid 2.7-0ubuntu1 None
apt-offline Debian Experimental 1.6 None
rtslib Debian Experimental 1:3.0~pre4.1~g1b33ceb-1 None
libnfs Ubuntu Vivid 1.9.5-2build1 None
redshift Debian Experimental 1.9.1-1 None
systemtap Ubuntu Utopic 2.5-0ubuntu2 None
systemtap Debian Wheezy 1.7-1+deb7u1 None
ioapps Debian Experimental 1.4r2-1 None
laptop-mode-tools Debian Experimental 1.63-1 None
lio-utils Debian Sid 3.1+git2.fd0b34fd-2 ppc64el ppc64el ppc64el
sg3-utils Ubuntu Quantal 1.33-1build1 None
libstoragemgmt Debian Experimental 0.0.12-1 None
system-storage-manager Debian Experimental 0.2-1 None
seascope Debian Experimental 0.6.1.hgr112-1 None
pytagsfs Debian Sid 0.9.2-6 None
laptop-mode-tools Debian Squeeze 1.55-2 None
systemtap Debian Squeeze 1.2-5+squeeze1 None
175 of 112 results