My name is Sami Saada and have used Ubuntu since autumn 2005. I study Computer Science in the University of Helsinki. I'm an occupied web designer and have my own web design company called WebDesign Sami Saada. I have my website in

I like open source very much and want to create it as well. I'm just starting to learn some expert programming languages, but meanwhile I can help to translate programs in my native language. For now I have translated the website of IEs4Linux project in Finnish. The site can be found in (Jos suomennoksissa on huomautettavaa, niin ottakaa yhteyttä.) I got Magna Cum Laude Approbatur from Finnish in the Finnish Matriculation Examination. But my English didn't go so well.

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Question Deleting for Tarkisto
Deleting the question. Layout dependent.
Exam Deleting for Tarkisto
Deleting the exam manually or after 10 minutes if not saved.
Adds dynamic layout for question so that its is easy to import from JavaScript Ohtu days: 2
Adds functionality to publish exams. Ohtu days: 1
Exam input for Tarkisto
Exam input has to work. Very essential part of this project. 2 ohtudays.

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