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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
twill Ubuntu Gutsy 0.9~b1-1ubuntu0.1 2008-02-12 None
twill Ubuntu Hardy 0.9~b1-1ubuntu1 2007-12-15 None
gl-117 Ubuntu Hardy 1.3.2-1.1ubuntu4 2007-12-09 None
patchage Ubuntu Hardy 0.2.3-2.1ubuntu1 2007-12-02 None
wink Ubuntu Hardy 1.5.1060-3ubuntu1 2007-11-20 None
docbook2odf Ubuntu Gutsy 0.211-1ubuntu0.1 2007-11-20 None
blackbox Ubuntu Hardy 0.70.1-1.1ubuntu3 2007-11-20 None
eikazo Ubuntu Hardy 0.5.2-2ubuntu1 2007-11-19 None
ggz-gtk-games Ubuntu Feisty 0.0.13-4ubuntu0.1 2007-11-13 None
eboard Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0.3-1ubuntu1 2007-08-31 None