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eventlet-removal-part-1 for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This blueprint tracks the initial efforts to remove the usage of eventlet from the nova project complete removal or even large-scale rewrites is not the goal of this bluepirnt which will focus on the initial low-hanging fruit in nova - moving binaries like nova-stats that don't use eventlet to there own folder h...
Remove deprecated vmware driver for OpenStack Compute (nova)
the vmware driver in nova has been ill maintained for years. over several release we have deprecated and undeprecated the driver due to lack of mainatnce and ci in 2023.1(antelope) we marked it as experimental and deprecated. it is not time to finally remove the in-tree support. Proposal in this BP is to remove the...
This blueprint tracks the introduction of an oslo messaging notification driver to deliver notifications to another agent on the same host via a UNIX socket. The intent is to remove the need to export notification to the message bus (rabbit) and then subscribe to that bus when the consuming service resides on the s...
---------------hugepage usecase --------------------------- hugepages aka kernel largepages are a feature of the linux kernel that allow the use of memory pages grater then the default 4k size. By supporting larger page allocation the kernel allows better utilization of the Translation look aside buffer(tlb) by r...