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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
simgear Ubuntu Precise 2.4.0-1 None
flightgear Ubuntu Precise 2.4.0-1 None
fgfs-base Ubuntu Precise 2.4.0-1 None
fgfs-base Ubuntu Natty 2.0.0-1 None
csound Ubuntu Natty 1:5.13.0~dfsg-3 None
bashdb Ubuntu Natty None
longomatch Ubuntu Natty 0.16.5-1 None
simgear Ubuntu Natty 2.0.0-2ubuntu1 None
monobristol Ubuntu Natty 0.60.3-1 None
monobristol Ubuntu Maverick 0.60.1-2~maverick3 None
bareftp Ubuntu Natty 0.3.7-1 None
sawfish Ubuntu Natty 1:1.5.3-2 None
mono Ubuntu Maverick 2.6.7-3ubuntu1 None
monodevelop Ubuntu Maverick 2.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1 None
babel Ubuntu Maverick 1.4.0.dfsg-7 None
themonospot Ubuntu Lucid None
bareftp Ubuntu Lucid 0.3.1-1ubuntu1.1 None
docky Ubuntu Lucid 2.0.1-1~ubuntu1 None
openal-soft Ubuntu Lucid 1:1.11.753-1 None
gpsd Ubuntu Lucid 2.92-2 None
supertux Ubuntu Lucid 0.3.3-1 None
remmina Ubuntu Lucid 0.7.4-1 None
bleachbit Ubuntu Lucid 0.7.3-1 None
jinja2 Ubuntu Lucid 2.3.1-1 None
alien-arena Ubuntu Lucid 7.33-2 None
scite Ubuntu Lucid 2.03-1 None
git-core Ubuntu Lucid 1:1.7.0-1 ia64
bansheelyricsplugin Ubuntu Lucid 0.8.1-2 None
banshee-extension-mirage Ubuntu Lucid 0.6.0-1 None
ario Ubuntu Lucid 1.4.4-1 None
renpy Ubuntu Lucid 6.9.3.dfsg1-1 None
oggvideotools Ubuntu Lucid 0.8-1 None
mercurial Ubuntu Lucid 1.4.3-1 None
irrlicht Ubuntu Lucid 1.7+dfsg1-1 None
gnurobbo Ubuntu Lucid 0.65.6+dfsg-1 None
crystalspace Ubuntu Lucid 1.4.0~svn32711-1 powerpc ia64 armel powerpc ia64 armel
warsow-data Ubuntu Lucid 0.50+dfsg1-1 None
powder Ubuntu Lucid 112-1ubuntu1 None
kupfer Ubuntu Lucid 0+pb1.1-1 None
gtg Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.1-1 None
gimp-plugin-registry Ubuntu Lucid 2.3-1 None
pygopherd Ubuntu Karmic None
jlint Ubuntu Karmic 3.0-4.2ubuntu1 None
gnurobots Ubuntu Karmic 2:1.2.0-4ubuntu1 None
pympd Ubuntu Karmic 0.07-1.2ubuntu1 None
python-happydoc Ubuntu Karmic 2.1-6ubuntu1 None
webgen0.4 Ubuntu Karmic 0.4.7-3 None
tkgate Ubuntu Karmic 1.8.7-1ubuntu1 None
stepic Ubuntu Karmic 0.3-1ubuntu1 None
monodevelop Ubuntu Karmic 2.0+dfsg-2ubuntu3 None
smuxi Ubuntu Karmic None
longomatch Ubuntu Karmic 0.15.3-1 None
xmoto Ubuntu Karmic 0.5.2-2 None
monotone Ubuntu Karmic 0.44-2build1 None
biojava-live Ubuntu Karmic 1.7.svn.20090419-3ubuntu1 None
cdk Ubuntu Karmic 1:1.0.2-2ubuntu1 None
javatools Ubuntu Karmic 0.22 None
gshare Ubuntu Karmic 0.94-9 None
jesd Ubuntu Karmic 0.0.7-2ubuntu1 None
libjgrapht0.6-java Ubuntu Karmic 0.6.0-8 None
hspell-gui Ubuntu Karmic 0.2.6-4.1 None
hex Ubuntu Karmic 204-17.1 None
libjtds-java Ubuntu Karmic 1.2.2+dfsg-3 None
libhttp-response-encoding-perl Ubuntu Karmic 0.05-2 None
libfontbox-java Ubuntu Karmic 0.1.0.dfsg-3 None
libcrypto++ Ubuntu Karmic 5.6.0-3 None
libclass-dbi-sweet-perl Ubuntu Karmic 0.09-3 None
libclass-dbi-plugin-pager-perl Ubuntu Karmic 0.561-3 None
libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl Ubuntu Karmic 4.24-2 None
libcapsinetwork Ubuntu Karmic 0.3.0-6 None
ldtp-doc Ubuntu Karmic 0.8-4 None
kbarcode Ubuntu Karmic 2.0.7-2 None
irmp3-ncurses Ubuntu Karmic None
inetutils Ubuntu Karmic 2:1.6-2 None
imhangul-status-applet Ubuntu Karmic 0.3-9ubuntu1 None
175 of 451 results