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I love your sweet cream. It's so yummy. It's better than peach cobbler, sweet thing." Paula says smiling, cleaning herself, and me, with some wipes she had in her purse. Paula blows me a big, slutty kiss, licking her cum glazed lips for my camera. I take a few more pics, then rip her blouse open and suck her granny titties for a few. I chew on em and suck em raw. Paula loves the rough titty sucking. She loves being abused sexually. It's why we get along so damn good. I grab her gray hair and shove her face back down on my cock. I start pissing hard in her mouth. Paula guzzles it down with glee, loving my warm piss more than she loves a good shot of whiskey. She drinks me dry... and once again I film it all. All the lame ass starers keep staring. I just laugh at em. They look away quickly, in shame, when they see me laughing at em. ... After a quick butt fuck of Paula in the back of the cab on the way home from the airport... the driver enjoyed the show... I get home. Paula thanks me for the fun ride and heads to her hotel. One of my bitches, Kat Dennings, meets me at the front door of my Hollywood Hills home. "Hey sexy. Welcome home." She hugs me and shoves her tongue down my throat. Those all natural 34DDs rub my chest perfectly, as we make out. I reach down and squeeze her thick hiney. Damn... Kat's got a phat ass. She's pregnant too. About five weeks. I like to knock my bitches up. I love for em to breastfeed me and I also dig all the titty milk squirting everywhere when I fuck the shit outta their tits. "I missed my man. How was good ol Georgia?" Kat asks, making me a drink as I toss my stuff by the stairs and head into the living room. "Ok. Some hot sluts. Got some good footage. Paula Deen and I had some fun at her place... and on the plane ride here... and in the cab. Ha. Horny old bitch." I sit in my favorite recliner. Kat sits in my lap and hands me my rum and coke. She puts her arm around my neck and kisses my cheek. She's a sweet bitch. I dig her. "Good. You should've let her stay here with us. I wouldn't mind banging her old booty with Big Dave." Kat named her favorite strapon dildo Big Dave. "I asked her to, but she's meeting up with her sons for some business shit, so she decided to stay at the Four Seasons." "You still pimping her?" Kat asks, rubbing my chest, slowly licking my cheek. "Fuck yeah. Made $12,500 off her in Atlanta. Some old pervert fan wanted to fuck her, so I set it up. Filmed it too. The stupid motherfucker didn't realize he was being filmed though. Gonna blackmail his ass for some extra paper." I pimp a lot of chicks. Paula's just one. I split the money 50/50 with her, since she's a celebrity. Dude paid $25,000. He's gonna be paying a lot more though. He's married, so once he sees the footage, he'll be coughing up more dough than Paula did vomit on the plane. I'm a stone cold pimp. I'm all about my money. I'll pimp anybody. Everyone's a possible ho in my world. 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Her dirty blonde hair is in a ponytail. She's got that sweet, wholesome, Katie Couric smile on. It hides her inner slut quite nicely. "Did you suck him off or fuck him for the job? Or both?" "Both. He was so excited, he came really quick when I blew him. He fucked me doggy style on his leather couch afterwards. He didn't last too long then either, but I got hired. I had to blow his boss too, once I had the job. That's the way the business works. You always have to put out, no matter how talented you are... or you think you are. I don't mind though. I love getting fucked." Katie u crosses and crosses her legs in the other direction. She keeps smiling. Her hard nipples are pushing hard against the spandex of her sports bra. "You like drinking piss?" "Sure. I never tried it til I did my talk show. I interviewed Oprah and she told me backstage that she liked to drink piss. She said she drank yours, so I let her piss in my mouth right there in her dressing room. I gagged a little, but it was nice. An intern walked in on us, but we both blew him and he pissed in our mouths, so he was happy." I walk over to Katie and unzip her sports bra, leaving it on though. It's open and showing the insides of her tits. I like the look. "You got great tits bitch. You must have horny fuckers molesting em all the time." "Thank you. Yeah. Guys... and girls... wanna feel me up all the time. I usually let them. Sometimes they get a fuck too... sometimes they don't." "Does your fucking husband know about you being a slut? Or does he think you're a good little girl?" I laugh. Katie does too. "He thinks I'm a good little girl. He has no clue about my slutty side. I like it like that. I like cheating. It turns me on." Katie gives the camera a real slutty look and slowly drags her finger across her 34C jugs. She's a good cock tease. She sucks her finger, then plops it out of her mouth and blows the camera a kiss. I pull my pants off, standing there naked. 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I suck her pussy, as I lick her out, making her squirt into my mouth. I suck down every drop, licking her clean, sucking her harder and harder. Damn... that bitch has some sweet tasting cum! Katie rides me, reverse cowgirl, as Kat zooms in. Katie's titties jiggle uncontrollably, as she bounces violently on my cock. Her tight pussy vice grips my cock, as she squirts all over it. I pull out of her pussy and take the camera from Kat. She jerks me off all over her gorgeous face. I cum all over Kat's slutty face. She laps my cumming head, sucking the last few drops out of me, then sitting up, letting Katie lick her face clean. They kiss and cum swap, as I film it from behind. I slide my cock up Katie's super tight ass and hand the camera back to Kat. Katie rides me wildly, her ass so warm and tight, driving my cock... and me... fucking crazy. "FUCK MY ASS JAMESSSSSSSS!! I LOVE YOUR FUCKING COCKKKKKKKKKKK!! UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Katie yells out, squirting again. 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I blow my wad in Kat's mouth, giving her a nice ice cream and cum milkshake to drink. We take a bunch of pictures to put up on my website and Katie blows me again before she leaves. Kat edits my movies, so she gets started with that. I wanna put up the Katie Couric movie as fast as I can. Her husband is finally gonna find out just how sweet and wholesome his slutty wife really is. Fuck yeah! ... The next day... at a public bathroom in Santa Monica... filming a promo for my site... "Make sure you check out my dear, sweet friend James' website. It's soooooooo gooddddddddddd! Aye!!" Sofia Vergara smiles so sweet at the camera, kneeling on the bathroom floor, as my piss splatters her perfect face and huge, firm melons. She shakes her titties, her mouth wide open, as she drinks my piss, and lets it cover her face and hair. I soak the smoking hot bitch good. Sofia is one of my closest fuck buddies and hoes. I've made so much money off her fine ass. I slap my piss dripping cock all over her thick, sweet smiling lips. She sucks me in, sucking me bone dry. Hot slut. Love that horny ass bitch. Another successful prom for my very successful website. We make all those hardcore sites seem tame. More on that in future stories. There's a lot more to get to... a whole lot more sleaze. After all, I'm... The Sleaze King. More sleaze on the fucking way... https://thelivesexcams.org

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