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Maintained packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
netcf Ubuntu Xenial 1:0.2.8-1ubuntu1 2016-01-27 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Xenial 0.39-2ubuntu5 2016-01-18 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Precise 0.24-0ubuntu7.5~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-12-22 None
netcf Ubuntu Wily 1:0.2.6-1ubuntu2 2015-10-30 None
netcf Ubuntu Vivid 1:0.2.6-1ubuntu0.15.04.1 2015-10-30 None
vm-builder Ubuntu Xenial 0.12.4+bzr494-0ubuntu1 2015-10-30 None
netcf Debian Sid 1:0.2.8-1 2015-10-20 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Trusty 0.39-2ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-15 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Wily 0.39-2ubuntu2 2015-10-15 None
cgmanager Debian Sid 0.39-2 2015-09-17 None

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ipxe Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.0+git-20150424.a25a16d-1ubuntu1 59 minutes ago None
etckeeper Ubuntu Xenial 1.18.2-1ubuntu1 3 hours ago None
lxcfs Ubuntu Xenial 0.18-0ubuntu2 8 hours ago None
lxc Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.5-0ubuntu6 2016-01-29 None
numactl Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.10-1ubuntu7 2016-01-19 None
libvirt Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.21-2ubuntu7 2016-01-11 None
qemu Ubuntu Xenial 1:2.5+dfsg-1ubuntu2 2016-01-06 None
init-system-helpers Ubuntu Wily 1.23ubuntu4 2015-12-04 None
upstart Ubuntu Xenial 1.13.2-0ubuntu18 2015-12-04 None
lxcfs Ubuntu Wily 0.10-0ubuntu2.3 2015-11-25 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
etckeeper lxc for natty - Ubuntu Xenial 1.18.2-1ubuntu1 4 hours ago None
lxcfs lxc for natty - Ubuntu Xenial 0.18-0ubuntu1ppa4 9 hours ago None
systemd systemd - Ubuntu Xenial 228-3ubuntu1cgm3 2016-01-12 None
cgmanager systemd - Ubuntu Xenial 0.39-2ubuntu2ppa7 2016-01-12 None
lxc Virtualization - Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.0~beta1+master~20151230-2044-0ubuntu1~xenial2 2016-01-04 None
lxc systemd - Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.5-0ubuntu3ppa8 2016-01-01 None
lxcfs systemd - Ubuntu Xenial 0.13-0ubuntu6ppa2 2016-01-01 None
lxcfs Virtualization - Ubuntu Xenial 0.13-0ubuntu4ppa1 2015-12-08 None
vimprobable2 vimprobable - Ubuntu Wily 1.4.2-0ubuntu10w1 2015-12-06 None
vimprobable2 vimprobable - Ubuntu Xenial 1.4.2-0ubuntu10x1 2015-12-06 None

Synchronised packages

9 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
acpica-unix Ubuntu Xenial 20160108-2 5 hours ago None
netcf Ubuntu Xenial 1:0.2.8-1 2015-10-26 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Wily 0.39-2 2015-10-07 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Vivid 0.36-1 2015-02-12 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Utopic 0.32-4 2014-09-18 None
procenv Ubuntu Utopic 0.36-1 2014-08-20 None
netcf Ubuntu Utopic 1:0.2.4-3 2014-07-03 None
vgabios Ubuntu Quantal 0.7a-3 2012-06-14 None
seabios Ubuntu Quantal 1.6.3-2 2012-05-28 None