PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
smartmontools Packages - Ubuntu Focal 7.3~git20210626-1sergeyd3.2~20.04.1 None
smartmontools Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 7.3~git20210626-1sergeyd3.2~18.04.1 None
smartmontools Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 7.3~git20210626-1sergeyd3.2~16.04.1 None
smartmontools Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 7.3~git20210626-1sergeyd3.2~14.04.1 None
mysqltuner Packages - Ubuntu Focal 1.8.1+git20210715-1sergeyd4.2~20.04.1 None
mysqltuner Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 1.8.1+git20210715-1sergeyd4.2~18.04.1 None
mysqltuner Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1.8.1+git20210715-1sergeyd4.2~16.04.1 None
mysqltuner Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 1.8.1+git20210715-1sergeyd4.2~14.04.1 None
geoip-database Packages - Ubuntu Focal 20210720-1sergeyd6~20.04.1 None
geoip-database Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 20210720-1sergeyd6~18.04.1 None
geoip-database Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 20210720-1sergeyd6~16.04.1 None
geoip-database Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 20210720-1sergeyd6~14.04.1 None
php80 PHP 8.0 builds - Ubuntu Focal 8.0.8-0sergeyd1.7~20.04.1 None
php80 PHP 8.0 builds - Ubuntu Bionic 8.0.8-0sergeyd1.7~18.04.1 None
php80 PHP 8.0 builds - Ubuntu Xenial 8.0.8-0sergeyd1.7~16.04.1 None
php80 PHP 8.0 builds - Ubuntu Trusty 8.0.8-0sergeyd1.7~14.04.1 None
php73 PHP 7.3 builds - Ubuntu Focal 7.3.29-0sergeyd3.2~20.04.1 None
php73 PHP 7.3 builds - Ubuntu Bionic 7.3.29-0sergeyd3.2~18.04.1 None
php7-mod-interbase PHP 7.x multiversion modules - Ubuntu Focal 7.3.18-1sergeyd1.2~20.04.1 None
php7-mod-interbase PHP 7.x multiversion modules - Ubuntu Bionic 7.3.18-1sergeyd1.2~18.04.1 None
php7-mod-interbase PHP 7.x multiversion modules - Ubuntu Xenial 7.3.18-1sergeyd1.2~16.04.1 None
php7-mod-interbase PHP 7.x multiversion modules - Ubuntu Trusty 7.3.18-1sergeyd1.2~14.04.1 None
php73 PHP 7.3 builds - Ubuntu Xenial 7.3.29-0sergeyd3.2~16.04.1 None
php73 PHP 7.3 builds - Ubuntu Trusty 7.3.29-0sergeyd3.2~14.04.1 None
php74 PHP 7.4 builds - Ubuntu Focal 7.4.21-0sergeyd5.9~20.04.1 None
php74 PHP 7.4 builds - Ubuntu Bionic 7.4.21-0sergeyd5.9~18.04.1 None
php74 PHP 7.4 builds - Ubuntu Xenial 7.4.21-0sergeyd5.9~16.04.1 None
php74 PHP 7.4 builds - Ubuntu Trusty 7.4.21-0sergeyd5.9~14.04.1 None
exim4 Packages - Ubuntu Focal 4.94.2-6sergeyd1~20.04.1 None
exim4 Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 4.94.2-6sergeyd1~18.04.1 None
exim4 Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 4.90.1-1ubuntu1.8sergeyd1~16.04.1 None
exim4 Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 4.90.1-1ubuntu1.8sergeyd1~14.04.1 None
sqlite3 Packages - Ubuntu Focal 3.35.5-2sergeyd8~20.04.1 None
sqlite3 Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 3.35.5-2sergeyd8~18.04.1 None
sqlite3 Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 3.35.5-2sergeyd8~16.04.1 None
sqlite3 Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 3.35.5-2sergeyd8~14.04.1 None
nano Packages - Ubuntu Focal 5.6.1-1sergeyd1.1~20.04.1 None
nano Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 5.6.1-1sergeyd1.1~18.04.1 None
nano Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 5.6.1-1sergeyd1.1~16.04.1 None
nano Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 5.6.1-1sergeyd1.1~14.04.1 None
unrar-nonfree Packages - Ubuntu Focal 1:6.0.7-1sergeyd1~20.04.1 None
unrar-nonfree Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 1:6.0.7-1sergeyd1~18.04.1 None
unrar-nonfree Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1:6.0.7-1sergeyd1~16.04.1 None
unrar-nonfree Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 1:6.0.7-1sergeyd1~14.04.1 None
htop2 Packages - Ubuntu Focal 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~20.04.1 None
htop2 Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~18.04.1 None
htop2 Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~16.04.1 None
htop2 Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~14.04.1 None
pbuilder Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 0.230.4-0bpo9sergeyd3.2~18.04.1 None
valgrind Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 1:3.17.0-0ubuntu1sergeyd1~18.04.1 None
valgrind Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1:3.17.0-0ubuntu1sergeyd1~16.04.1 None
valgrind Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 1:3.17.0-0ubuntu1sergeyd1~14.04.1 None
libavif FFmpeg builds - Ubuntu Focal 0.8.4-2sergeyd1~20.04.1 None
libavif FFmpeg builds - Ubuntu Bionic 0.8.4-2sergeyd1~18.04.1 None
cjson Packages - Ubuntu Focal 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~20.04.1 None
cjson Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~18.04.1 None
cjson Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~16.04.1 None
mc Packages - Ubuntu Focal 3:4.8.26-2sergeyd2~20.04.1 None
mc Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 3:4.8.26-2sergeyd2~18.04.1 None
mc Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 3:4.8.26-2sergeyd2~16.04.1 None
mc Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 3:4.8.26-2sergeyd2~14.04.1 None
pigz Packages - Ubuntu Focal 2.6-1sergeyd2~20.04.1 None
pigz Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 2.6-1sergeyd2~18.04.1 None
pigz Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 2.6-1sergeyd2~16.04.1 None
pigz Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 2.6-1sergeyd2~14.04.1 None
openssl111r Packages - Ubuntu Focal 1.1.1k-2sergeyd3.1~20.04.1 None
openssl111r Packages - Ubuntu Bionic 1.1.1k-2sergeyd3.1~18.04.1 None
openssl111r Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.1k-2sergeyd3.1~16.04.1 None
openssl111r Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.1k-2sergeyd3.1~14.04.1 None
libvpx FFmpeg builds - Ubuntu Focal 1.9.0-0sergeyd2.2~20.04.1 None
libvpx FFmpeg builds - Ubuntu Bionic 1.9.0-0sergeyd2.2~18.04.1 None
libvpx FFmpeg builds - Ubuntu Xenial 1.9.0-0sergeyd2.2~16.04.1 None
brotli Packages - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.9-2sergeyd2.1~16.04.1 None
brotli Packages - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.9-2sergeyd2.1~14.04.1 None
git Packages - Ubuntu Focal 1:2.30.2-1sergeyd3.2~20.04.1 None
175 of 923 results