Team participation for Sidnei da Silva

Sidnei da Silva is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Bazaar Windows Team 2009-08-05 Member Subscribed
Chameleon Template Engine 2008-12-18 Owner
Launchpad Documentation Team 2011-08-17 Member Subscribed
Moztrap Developers 2012-10-24 Owner
PEP 8 Team 2009-10-02 Owner
QT4 Reactor Developers 2011-09-01 Owner
Scrivener Developers 2013-09-17 Owner
Selenium Team 2013-02-28 Owner
Supervisor 2010-06-01 Owner
TortoiseBZR Developers 2009-07-31 Member Subscribed
Tryfer Developers 2013-09-17 Owner
Ubuntu Appstore Developers 2013-05-29 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Cyclists 2009-03-11 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Font Family Interest Group 2011-09-16 Member
Ubuntu One DB Discuss 2011-11-11 Member Subscribed
ZPT Developers Member ZTK steering group
ZTK steering group 2010-05-13 Member
Zope 2 Developers 2007-09-26 Member
Zope 3 Developers 2007-04-19 Member
Zope Administrators 2007-05-15 Owner
Zope Developers 2005-08-03 Member
Zope Porting 2008-05-28 Owner
Zope Security Team 2010-06-11 Member
psutil-dev 2011-07-07 Owner
subunit-dev 2009-06-16 Member Subscribed
txStatsD Developers 2011-06-20 Owner
webocket-client-team 2013-05-08 Owner