Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
brag Debian Sid 1.4.1-2.2 None
atmel-firmware Debian Sid 1.3-5 None
dhcp-helper Debian Sid 1.2-3 None
dnsmasq Debian Sid 2.86-1.1 None
dnsmasq Debian Buster 2.80-1+deb10u1 None
dnsmasq Debian Stretch 2.76-5+deb9u2 None
dnsmasq Debian Jessie 2.72-3+deb8u2 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Zesty 2.76-4build1 None
dhcpcd Debian Wheezy 1:3.2.3-11+deb7u1 None
dnsmasq Debian Wheezy 2.62-3+deb7u3 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Wily 2.72-3.1build1 None
dhcpcd Debian Squeeze 1:3.2.3-5+squeeze1 None
dhcpcd Debian Sid 1:3.2.3-11 ppc64el ppc64el ppc64el ppc64el
dnsmasq Ubuntu Precise 2.59-4 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Oneiric 1:3.2.3-8 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Natty 2.57-1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Maverick 1:3.2.3-7 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Maverick 2.55-1 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Lucid 2.52-1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Lucid 1:3.2.3-5 None
dnsmasq Debian Lenny 2.45-1+lenny1 None
dnsmasq Debian Squeeze 2.50-1 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Karmic 2.50-1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Karmic 1:3.2.3-3 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Jaunty 2.47-3 None
atmel-firmware Ubuntu Jaunty 1.3-4 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Jaunty 1:3.2.3-2 ia64
dhcp-helper Ubuntu Jaunty 1.0-1 None
dhcpcd Debian Lenny 1:3.2.3-1.1 None
dhcp-helper Debian Lenny 0.8-1 None
brag Debian Lenny 1.4.1-2 None
atmel-firmware Debian Lenny 1.3-4 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Dapper 2.25-1ubuntu0.1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Intrepid 1:3.2.3-1.1 None
dhcp-helper Ubuntu Intrepid 0.8-1 None
atmel-firmware Ubuntu Hardy 1.3-3 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Hardy 2.40-1 None
dhcp-helper Ubuntu Hardy 0.7-2 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Feisty 2.39-1~feisty1 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Gutsy 2.39-1 None
slimserver Ubuntu Gutsy 6.3.0-5 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Gutsy 1:3.0.17-2 None
slimserver Ubuntu Feisty 6.3.0-4 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Edgy 2.33-1 None
atmel-firmware Ubuntu Edgy 1.3-2 None
dhcp-helper Ubuntu Edgy 0.7-1 None
slimserver Ubuntu Edgy 6.2.1-3 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Edgy 1:2.0.3-1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Dapper 1:2.0.0-2 None
dhcp-helper Ubuntu Dapper 0.3-1 None
brag Ubuntu Dapper 1.4.1-2 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Breezy 2.22-2 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Breezy 1:1.3.22pl4-22 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Hoary 2.21-1 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Hoary 1:1.3.22pl4-20 None
dnsmasq Ubuntu Warty 2.9-2 None
dhcpcd Ubuntu Warty 1:1.3.22pl4-13 None
brag Ubuntu Warty 1.4.1-1 None
158 of 58 results