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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libpod Ubuntu Hirsute 3.0.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2021-02-27 None
golang-github-containers-buildah Ubuntu Hirsute 1.19.6+dfsg1-1 2021-02-26 None
golang-github-containers-image Ubuntu Hirsute 5.10.3-1ubuntu1 2021-02-26 None
golang-github-containers-storage Ubuntu Hirsute 1.24.8+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2021-02-26 None
libpod Ubuntu Groovy 2.0.6+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2020-09-18 None
golang-github-containers-buildah Ubuntu Groovy 1.15.2-1ubuntu2 2020-09-18 None
golang-github-containers-image Ubuntu Groovy 5.5.2-1ubuntu1 2020-09-17 None
docker.io Ubuntu Groovy 19.03.8-0ubuntu4 2020-05-30 None
apt-btrfs-snapshot Ubuntu Xenial 3.5.1~ubuntu0.2 2016-08-01 None
apt-btrfs-snapshot Ubuntu Yakkety 3.5 2016-04-28 amd64
gnucash Ubuntu Wily 1:2.6.6-2ubuntu1 2015-06-17 None
emacs-goodies-el Ubuntu Wily 35.12ubuntu1 2015-06-14 None
gnucash Ubuntu Vivid 1:2.6.4-3ubuntu1 2015-04-06 None
mplayer2 Ubuntu Utopic 2.0-728-g2c378c7-2ubuntu1 2014-05-31 None
gpac Ubuntu Utopic 0.5.0+svn5194~dfsg1-3ubuntu1 2014-05-31 ppc64el arm64 amd64
chromaprint Ubuntu Utopic 1.1-1build1 2014-05-31 None
blender Ubuntu Utopic 2.70a-2ubuntu1 2014-05-31 None
alsa-plugins-extra Ubuntu Utopic 1.0.27-2ubuntu3 2014-05-31 None
alsa-plugins Ubuntu Utopic 1.0.27-2.1ubuntu1 2014-05-31 None
amide Ubuntu Utopic 1.0.5-2build1 2014-05-31 None
libav Ubuntu Utopic 6:10.1-1ubuntu1 2014-05-29 None
x2goclient Ubuntu Trusty 2014-05-14 None
libav Ubuntu Trusty 6:9.11-2ubuntu1 2014-03-02 None
mplayer Ubuntu Raring 2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1+svn34540-1ubuntu4 2013-04-01 ppc64el arm64 arm64
libav-extra Ubuntu Raring 6:0.8.6ubuntu2 2013-03-30 None
libav Ubuntu Raring 6:0.8.6-1ubuntu2 2013-03-30 None
xmms2 Ubuntu Raring 0.8+dfsg-4ubuntu1 2012-11-25 None
zoneminder Ubuntu Raring 1.25.0-3ubuntu2 2012-11-24 None
gmerlin-avdecoder Ubuntu Raring 1.2.0~dfsg-1ubuntu2 2012-11-17 None
electricsheep Ubuntu Raring 2.7~b12+svn20091224-1ubuntu4 2012-11-11 None
chromaprint Ubuntu Raring 0.6-2ubuntu1 2012-11-10 None
bino Ubuntu Raring 1.4.0-1ubuntu1 2012-11-10 armhf armhf
avifile Ubuntu Raring 1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-12ubuntu1 2012-11-09 None
amide Ubuntu Raring 1.0.1-1ubuntu1 2012-11-08 None
alsa-plugins Ubuntu Raring 1.0.25-2ubuntu3 2012-11-07 None
audacious-plugins Ubuntu Raring 3.2.4-1ubuntu1 2012-11-06 None
live-boot Ubuntu Quantal 3.0~b1-1ubuntu1 2012-09-20 None
libav-extra Ubuntu Quantal 6: 2012-08-11 None
libav Ubuntu Quantal 6:0.8.3-6ubuntu1 2012-08-11 None
fai Ubuntu Precise 3.4.8ubuntu2 2012-03-20 None
lightdm Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.6-0ubuntu1.5 2012-03-05 None
sbuild Ubuntu Precise 0.62.6-1ubuntu2 2012-02-22 None
w3m Ubuntu Precise 0.5.3-5ubuntu1 2012-02-19 None
libav Ubuntu Precise 4:0.8-1ubuntu1 2012-01-24 None
x264 Ubuntu Precise 2:0.120.2127+gitf33c8cb-2ubuntu2 2012-01-19 None
xine-lib Ubuntu Precise 1.1.19-3.1ubuntu3 2011-11-19 None
emacs-goodies-el Ubuntu Precise 35.2ubuntu1 2011-11-07 None
ntp Ubuntu Precise 1:4.2.6.p2+dfsg-1ubuntu13 2011-10-14 None
logrotate Ubuntu Oneiric 3.7.8-6ubuntu5 2011-10-04 None
libav-extra Ubuntu Oneiric 4: 2011-10-02 None
libav Ubuntu Oneiric 4:0.7.2-1ubuntu1 2011-10-02 None
x264 Ubuntu Oneiric 2:0.116.2042+git178455c-1ubuntu1 2011-08-09 None
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg Ubuntu Oneiric 0.10.12-1ubuntu1 2011-08-09 None
ffms2 Ubuntu Oneiric 2.15+svn473-2 2011-07-26 None
devscripts Ubuntu Oneiric 2.11.0ubuntu3 2011-07-12 None
live-build Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0~a21-1ubuntu9 2011-07-10 None
syslinux-themes-debian Ubuntu Oneiric 9-1ubuntu1 2011-07-10 None
live-config Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0~a22-1ubuntu1 2011-07-09 None
avbin Ubuntu Oneiric 7-1.1ubuntu1 2011-06-29 None
mplayer2 Ubuntu Oneiric 2.0-134-g84d8671-2build1 2011-06-27 None
mpd Ubuntu Oneiric 0.16.1-2ubuntu2 2011-05-30 None
audacious-plugins Ubuntu Oneiric 2.4.4-1build1 2011-05-29 None
amide Ubuntu Oneiric 0.9.3-1build1 2011-05-29 None
audacity Ubuntu Oneiric 1.3.13-3ubuntu2 2011-05-28 None
xine-lib Ubuntu Oneiric 1.1.19-2ubuntu6 2011-05-27 None
emacs-goodies-el Ubuntu Oneiric 34.1ubuntu2 2011-05-01 None
libav-extra Ubuntu Natty 4:0.6.2-1ubuntu2 2011-03-24 None
libav Ubuntu Natty 4:0.6.2-1ubuntu1 2011-03-20 None
emacs23 Ubuntu Maverick 23.1+1-4ubuntu7.2+maverick1 2011-03-04 None
emacs23 Ubuntu Lucid 23.1+1-4ubuntu7.2 2011-03-04 ia64
libbluray Ubuntu Natty 0.2~git20110213.20739ed-0ubuntu3 2011-03-02 None
mplayer Ubuntu Natty 2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1-1ubuntu2 2011-02-26 None
dvbcut Ubuntu Natty 0.5.4+svn146-0ubuntu1 2011-02-23 None
sbcl Ubuntu Natty 1: 2011-02-21 None
ffmpeg Ubuntu Natty 4:0.6.1-5ubuntu1 2011-02-13 None
175 of 421 results