Team participation for Vitaliy Kulikov

Vitaliy Kulikov is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Community-agile 2010-04-05 Member Subscribed
GMA500 Team 2010-05-05 Owner Subscribed
Launchpad Beta Testers 2008-06-09 Member
Launchpad Documentation Team 2010-05-26 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Users 2010-04-14 Member Subscribed
Packagers for Maven 3 2011-12-11 Member Not subscribed
Tea Time Team 2011-05-14 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Screencast Team 2010-04-04 Member
Ubuntu Ukraine 2010-04-14 Member
Vote OS Team 2014-10-28 Owner Not subscribed
Користувачі Убунту в Україні 2010-04-15 Member Subscribed