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ubuntu-fan (Ubuntu Xenial) 12
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xen (Ubuntu Artful) 6
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linux (Ubuntu Zesty) 10
16 of 6 results

Stefan Bader's teams

“AMD Team” team
“athens-team” team
“Belmont Team” team
“Billerica Team for Samos” team
“buffalo-team” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“Canonical Billerica Team” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Kernel Committers” team
“Canonical Kernel Distro Team” team
“Canonical Kernel Security Team” team
“Canonical Kernel SRU Team” team
“Canonical Kernel Team” team
“Canonical Kernel” team
“Canonical Ubuntu Platform” team
“computer-janitor-hackers” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“Firmware Testing Team” team
“Greater Cloud Image Team” team
“Indubuntu Team” team
“Intel Team” team
“Jaguar Team” team
“Launchpad Snap Builders” team
“Launchpad's Hardware Database Team” team
“Libvirt Maintainers” team
“Maintainers for ubuntu-s390x-flash” team
“Microsoft Azure Team” team
“OEM Priority Team” team
“OEM Process, Presentation, and Template Team” team
“OEM Uploaders” team
“Planet Ubuntu” team
“Snappy Developers” team
“The FIPS-CC-STIG” team
“The Natick Cherry Point Team” team
“The Pearl Team” team
“The Somerville Team” team
“The Walpole Team for Bear” team
“The Walpole Tiger Team” team
“Townsend Team” team
“Ubuntu App Developer site editors” team
“Ubuntu Audio Team” team
“Ubuntu Budgie Developers” team
“Ubuntu Budgie” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu Chumby Hackers” team
“Ubuntu Developers” team
“Ubuntu Development Team (bugmail catching gateway)” team
“Ubuntu Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Extended Security Maintenance” team
“Ubuntu HPPA Architecture Team” team
“Ubuntu ia64 Architecture Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Network Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Repositories” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Storage Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Test” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Kernel USB Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Video Team” team
“Ubuntu Members” team
“Ubuntu Packaging Guide Team” team
“Ubuntu PowerPC Architecture Team” team
“Ubuntu Server” team
“Ubuntu Sparc64 Architecture Team” team
“Ubuntu Transition Trackers” team
“Ubuntu Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Virtualization Developers” team
“Ubuntu x86 Architecture Team” team
“Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance” team
“Walpole Team for Anakin” team
“Work Item Tracker Configuration Admins” team