I like Free sotware and cute dogs, guitar and tubes amps.
I live in France.
I'm the main developper for the shurf.pl project .

I would like to contribute to other projects, especially documentation.
You can find me sometimes on Freenode with the smonff nickname or leave me a message on Twitter @smonff.

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We got a $tmp_dir for avoiding hardcoded directory into the code when generating temporary files. But some temporary files are also templates, so they should go to the INCLUDE_PATH directory of our templates configuration. It should be identified as a template: * into template directory * .tmpl named So, we nee...
Properties Loader for shurf.pl
Properties loader separate module, different than properties reader. Made to separate this concern from the mi-mi-crokernel.
Geolocation for shurf.pl
How to geolocate libraries... ... Open Street Map not Google Maps !!! Here's a very interesting API to do it: http://leaflet.cloudmade.com/ Here are the examples for quick start. I would like to make a properties files with geolocation for each library. A big map with all the libraries. A map for each library. Us...
Where are the stests ? for shurf.pl
Must do
Plug the microlibrary-kernel into Catalyst...

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