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snapcraft (2.0) xenial; urgency=medium

  [ Daniel Holbach ]
  * Add document detailing the snapcraft.yaml syntax.
  * Add missing periods and fixed typos on the docs.
  * Remove vendor for 'master'.
  * Add document about parts.
  * Add link to config docs.

  [ Sergio Schvezov ]
  * Removing the `run` command.
  * Update the release for the tomcat example snap.
  * Wrapping exe should not remove the path. (LP: #1523912)
  * cli: Move to docopt, help cmd migrated.
  * cli: list-plugins cmd migrated to docopts.
  * cli: clean cmd migrated to docopts.
  * cli: init cmd migrated to docopts.
  * cli: pull command migrated to docopts.
  * clean cmd: migrate to use new lifecycle attribs.
  * Removing dead test code.
  * cli: build command migrated to docopts.
  * cli: stage command migrated to docopts.
  * Remove dead code from lifecycle.
  * cli: strip command migrated to docopts.
  * Obsolete deprecations from 1.x.
  * Removing the 'vendor' keyword. (LP: #1510522)
  * Making the icon optional.
  * cli: snap command migrated to docopts.
  * Enabling testing with new cli.
  * Fix ordering for conditional negations in catkin tests.
  * Replace use of `assert_not_called` in the catkin tests.
  * General documentation update.
  * Add licensing support. (LP: #1527453)
  * snap.yaml implementation with support for and package.yaml.
    (LP: #1532842)
  * Documentation refresh. (LP: #1533021)
  * Support the new security-override semantics. (LP: #1533293)
  * Remove ssh module from snapcraft. (LP: #1533400)
  * Fix environment variable handling. (LP: #1531481)
  * Wrap apps with the app name. (LP: #1534150)
  * Replace SNAP envvars with the 16.04 ones. (LP: #1533552)
  * Add bin paths to the to the shebang replace paths in repo (LP: #1534812)
  * Initialize CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to [] for ros (LP: #1535309)

  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Added a test to check that the snapcraft files are not copied to the build dir.
  * On autopkgtests, run the integration tests, build the examples but do not
    install them, do not run the unittests.
  * Translated the plainbox tests to python.
  * Workaround the failure of the binaries in trusty.
  * Updated the runtests script error message.
  * Updated the autopkg integration tests.
  * Handle the filter parameter for examples tests. (LP: #1533393)
  * Split the static and unit tests. (LP: #1533397)
  * Added the option to output subunit results in examples tests. (LP: #1533403)
  * Updated the tomcat example network capability. (LP: #1533736)
  * Added the network-listener capability. (LP: #1534784)
  * Add a security-override for chown.

  [ Kyle Fazzari ]
  * Catkin plugin: Add support for ROS tools.
  * Add contribution guide.
  * Resolve FIXME in Catkin plugin.
  * Add a tutorial for turning a ROS project into a .snap.
  * Catkin plugin: use rosdep for dependency resolution.
  * Python{2,3} plugins: Make site-packages link relative. (LP: #1523384)
  * Catkin plugin: Refactor build.
  * ROS documentation: Fix missing step to make script executable.
  * Catkin plugin: Improve cmake path rewrite.
  * Add support for mesa libraries. (LP: #1531620)
  * Autotools plugin: Set executable. (LP: #1530995)
  * Update to require a bug. (LP: #1532195)
  * Ensure rosdep resolves dependencies using Trusty. (LP: #1532241)
  * Catkin plugin: Use in-snap python instead of OS-provided. (LP: #1533297)
  * Always migrate files, even if they already exist. (LP: #1534800)

  [ Alexander Sack ]
  * Use URL to ensure we refer to a stable URL that does
    not disappear on latest release.

  [ Jonathan Cave ]
  * Go plugin creating invalid env. (LP: #1524374)

  [ Renat Galimov ]
  * Close not called on the qml plugin. (LP: #1531994)

  [ Vamshi Balanaga ]
  * Added test for git sources in (LP: #1534411)

 -- Leonardo Arias Fonseca <email address hidden>  Fri, 15 Jan 2016 17:52:01 -0600

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