Most of time spent on software developing with C++. The time has come, and I am trying to clean up all my work and push it to the public domain, in hope that I save at least someone for spending his time on developing the same things.

My scope of development includes network, OpenGL, security, and Win32 GUI, but I like to catch up with new things.

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Add OSX support on the library for OONet Library
Add OSX support to the library: * Implement mt::semaphore for osx platform * Implement mt::thread for osx platform * Implement mt::mutex for osx platform * Implement socket for osx platform ------------------------------------------------------ To accept the implementation all test must succeed on OSX 10.5
Memory block for OONet Library
We need to implement an abstract base class for all arbitrary data container objects called "memory_block". Approach A: * We cannot use built "const" of C++ on memory_block because it easy to have by accident privileged escalation. It is better approach to have memory_block and const_memory_block as iterators do...
binary_data is the heart of liboonet, so we must take more care, although it is the best code inside liboonet. Some things must be revised and the interface must be stabilized. * scale_mem() It works... but we haven't investigate if it could do it better * operator[] It works... but it does a VERY expensive test f...
Headers, messages must follow the rfc. We need to support at least: * proper headers render/parse * proper request response render/parse * proper message-body estimation except chunked messages
Create all the needed files for building with gnu automake/conf. In other words package must support deployment by ./configure, make, make install, make uninstall

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