Team participation for Jiri Srba

Jiri Srba is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Distributed Czero Team 2017-03-26 Member
TAPAAL Contributors Member TAPAAL Developers
TAPAAL Developers 2009-01-24 Member
TAPAAL Maintainers 2009-06-25 Admin
TAPAAL Reviewers Member TAPAAL Maintainers
TAPAAL project 2013-03-06 Owner
VerifyPN Maintainers 2011-09-15 Owner
VerifyTAPN 2010-09-20 Admin
cpn-gui 2018-09-20 Owner
tapaal-approx 2013-09-11 Owner
tapaal-compworkflow 2015-06-24 Member
tapaal-ctl 2016-03-16 Member
tapaal-dist 2015-02-12 Owner
tapaal-ltl 2019-09-06 Owner
tapaal-reduction 2014-02-11 Owner
tapaal-workflow 2012-10-15 Owner
verifydtapn-contributers 2012-07-01 Owner
verifypn-cpn 2018-02-02 Owner
verifypn-stub 2016-10-03 Owner
verifytapn-contributers 2011-12-05 Owner