I'd have to say, the one thing I love most about linux is that it's a constant learning process. Just when you think you know it all, you find that you know practically nothing. My advice to newbies is thus; Linux is a lot like most things in life, if you are not willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you will accomplish nothing. I've been using linux on and off since 1997, and the first thing I learned is that you have friends everywhere. Linux is like a neighborhood, some of your neighbors might suck, but you will find that most of them are friendly and willing to help you out if you can muster the patience to explain your problem with a proper attitude. Hell, they may already have a solution for you!

The only draw-back from venturing from windows to linux, is that with windows, you can blame the operating system for your follies and tech-support will whole-heartedly accept this and apologize. The #1 rule for any sort of tech-support is to never blame the customer, even if they aren't at fault. In linux, you will most likely be held accountable for your own mistakes and mis-configurations, as well as your own laziness and inability to read documents and release notes. :P However, admitting this will still usually get you help anyway.

Since I switched to Kubuntu I've spent much time on launchpad.net, because people have helped me and I like to help in return. One day I hope to see linux slap down windows as a globally-recognized superior operating system, if submitting bug reports or assisting in ones already submitted will help that goal in any small way? Count me in!

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