I'm currently semi-retired from a large transportation Ind. Job where I worked for 31 years.
I have been a computer geek going on 15 or 20 years.....Who's counting. I can remember DOS 3.0. OK , so I'm older than a lot of you guys. I can live with that. The best part right now I have a good bit of keyboard time and I have been taking advantage of it. I just recently got back into the Linux scene and have messed around with PaSCAL and Basic programming in the past. The last Linux that I was involved in was a SUSE version about 10 years ago. I think that's right. Anyway I do like to design web pages and the corp. look is my forte. I currently manage a site here in Atlanta and that is the UPSBASS.NET. It's a Bass fishing club web page and it's just a hobby for me. My nephew is trying to get me involved in Visual Studio C# programming and I am very new to that too. I would like to make a contribution to the Ubuntu version of Linux which I feel after testing a few recent version that I like it the best. I'm currntly running Ubuntu v710 in a VM on a windows Vista/XP Pro Dual boot machine that I just built. I really like Ubuntu and do believe that were it not for the investments I have in Windows Software and the need for having to run Windows APPS I would cut the MS embilicle cord and go Ubuntu all the way, It's that powerful and user friendly....I think. It's just my opinion.

Glad to be aboard, Sid
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