Team participation for Stéphane Brunner

Stéphane Brunner is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Account Report Core Editors Member Camptocamp Not subscribed
C2C Localization Member Camptocamp Not subscribed
C2C MOA Member Camptocamp
C2C OERPScenario Member Camptocamp Not subscribed
Camptocamp 2012-12-21 Member
Camptocamp - AlpesDevs Team Member Camptocamp
E-Commerce Addons Core Editors Member Camptocamp
Launchpad Users 2009-05-26 Member Not subscribed
Magento OpenERP (5.0-6.1) Community Member MagentoERPConnect core editors, Camptocamp Not subscribed
MagentoERPConnect core editors Member Camptocamp
OERP - Integrators Member Camptocamp Not subscribed
OpenERP Connector Community Member Camptocamp
OpenERP FR Core Editors Member Camptocamp
OpenLP Development 2010-04-29 Member Subscribed
OpenStreetMap 2010-01-02 Member Subscribed
Prestashop OpenERP (5.0-6.1) Community Member PrestashopERPConnect core editors, Camptocamp Not subscribed
PrestashopERPConnect core editors Member Camptocamp
STERPA Member Camptocamp
Syncany Team 2012-01-23 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Switzerland
Ubuntu Switzerland 2007-04-18 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Local Community Teams, Ubuntu Switzerland
Verified LoCo Teams Member Ubuntu Switzerland
extra-addons-commiter Member Camptocamp