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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
lxd Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.0~beta1-0ubuntu4 2016-02-04 None
lxc Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.0~beta2-0ubuntu2 2016-02-02 None
unbound Ubuntu Xenial 1.5.7-1ubuntu1 2016-01-07 None
lxd Ubuntu Trusty 0.26-0ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04.1 2016-01-07 None
lxc Ubuntu Precise 1.0.8-0ubuntu0.3~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-12-22 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Precise 0.24-0ubuntu7.5~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-12-22 None
golang-dbus Ubuntu Xenial 2-1ubuntu1 2015-12-10 None
golang-gocapability-dev Ubuntu Xenial 0.0~git20150506.1.66ef2aa-1ubuntu1 2015-12-09 None
golang-github-pborman-uuid Ubuntu Xenial 0.0+git20150824.0.cccd189-1ubuntu1 2015-12-09 None
lxc Ubuntu Wily 1.1.5-0ubuntu0.15.10.3 2015-11-18 None
lxc Ubuntu Vivid 1.1.5-0ubuntu0.15.04.3 2015-11-18 None
lxc Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.8-0ubuntu0.3 2015-11-18 None
lxcfs Ubuntu Trusty 0.11-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-01 None
lxcfs Ubuntu Xenial 0.11-0ubuntu3 2015-11-01 None
lxd Ubuntu Wily 0.20-0ubuntu4 2015-10-17 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Trusty 0.39-2ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-15 None
golang Ubuntu Trusty 2:1.3.3-1ubuntu4~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-14 None
libseccomp Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.3-2ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-14 None
lxcfs Ubuntu Wily 0.10-0ubuntu1 2015-09-03 None
flash-kernel Ubuntu Trusty 3.0~rc.4ubuntu49.6 2015-08-27 None
flash-kernel Ubuntu Vivid 3.0~rc.4ubuntu54.1 2015-08-27 None
flash-kernel Ubuntu Wily 3.0~rc.4ubuntu55 2015-08-27 None
ltsp Ubuntu Wily 5.5.4-4ubuntu2 2015-07-13 None
lxd Ubuntu Vivid 0.7-0ubuntu1 2015-04-15 None
gccgo-go Ubuntu Vivid 1.2.1-0ubuntu7 2015-02-13 None
cloud-utils Ubuntu Vivid 0.27-0ubuntu12 2015-02-13 None
procps Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.3.9-1ubuntu8 2015-02-10 None
procps Ubuntu Utopic 1:3.3.9-1ubuntu5.2 2015-02-10 None
procps Ubuntu Trusty 1:3.3.9-1ubuntu2.2 2015-02-10 None
procps Ubuntu Precise 1:3.2.8-11ubuntu6.4 2015-02-10 None
lxc-android-config Ubuntu Vivid 0.216 2015-01-23 None
mountall Ubuntu Precise 2.36.4ubuntu0.1 2015-01-21 None
netcfg Ubuntu Utopic 1.119ubuntu2 2014-10-20 None
vim Ubuntu Utopic 2:7.4.273-2ubuntu4 2014-10-20 None
lintian Ubuntu Utopic 2.5.27ubuntu2 2014-10-20 None
emacs-goodies-el Ubuntu Utopic 35.8ubuntu4 2014-10-20 None
lxc Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.0~alpha2-0ubuntu2 2014-10-02 None
lxc-android-config Ubuntu Utopic 0.209 2014-10-01 None
ifupdown Ubuntu Utopic 2014-10-01 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Utopic 2.247 2014-09-26 None
live-build Ubuntu Utopic 3.0~a57-1ubuntu12 2014-09-23 None
ubiquity Ubuntu Utopic 2.19.8 2014-09-12 None
dmidecode Ubuntu Precise 2.11-4ubuntu0.1 2014-08-06 None
systemd Ubuntu Trusty 204-5ubuntu20.3 2014-06-19 None
systemd Ubuntu Utopic 204-10ubuntu9 2014-06-19 None
tftp-hpa Ubuntu Utopic 5.2-19ubuntu1 2014-06-05 None
iptables Ubuntu Utopic 1.4.21-2ubuntu1 2014-06-05 None
cunit Ubuntu Precise 2.1-0.dfsg-9build1 2014-06-04 None
edubuntu-meta Ubuntu Utopic 14.06.1 2014-06-01 None
debhelper Ubuntu Utopic 9.20140228ubuntu4 2014-05-27 None
lsb Ubuntu Utopic 4.1+Debian11ubuntu7 2014-05-27 None
upstart Ubuntu Utopic 1.12.1-0ubuntu8 2014-05-27 None
iputils Ubuntu Trusty 3:20121221-4ubuntu1.1 2014-05-07 None
iputils Ubuntu Utopic 3:20121221-5ubuntu2 2014-05-07 None
vlan Ubuntu Utopic 1.9-3.2ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
ust Ubuntu Utopic 2.4.1-1ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
ltt-control Ubuntu Utopic 2.4.1-1ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
network-manager-openvpn Ubuntu Utopic 2014-05-02 None
bcfg2 Ubuntu Utopic 1.3.4-1ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
busybox Ubuntu Utopic 1:1.22.0-6ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
openvpn Ubuntu Utopic 2.3.2-9ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
installation-report Ubuntu Utopic 2.56ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
ifenslave Ubuntu Utopic 2.5ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
shadow Ubuntu Utopic 1: 2014-05-02 None
pam Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.8-3ubuntu1 2014-05-02 None
edubuntu-live Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.2 2014-04-16 None
ltsp Ubuntu Trusty 5.5.1-1ubuntu2 2014-04-14 None
sssd Ubuntu Trusty 1.11.5-1ubuntu3 2014-04-10 None
ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu Ubuntu Trusty 83 2014-04-08 None
isc-dhcp Ubuntu Trusty 4.2.4-7ubuntu11 2014-04-04 None
ifupdown Ubuntu Trusty 2014-04-04 None
dbus Ubuntu Trusty 1.6.18-0ubuntu4 2014-04-02 None
ltt-control Ubuntu Trusty 2.4.0-2ubuntu1 2014-04-01 None
ust Ubuntu Trusty 2.4.0-4ubuntu1 2014-04-01 None
edubuntu-meta Ubuntu Trusty 14.03.2 2014-03-30 None
175 of 491 results