Welcome to my small homepage.

I was born in 1967 in a small village in the South of France called Saint-Tropez.

1981 should be my entry point in the Computer world. Tandy Radio Shake TRS80 and Sinclair ZX81 and Apple II and BASIC and of course GOTO began to be part of my everyday vocabulary.

I met the Internet on September 1992. That was a kind of stunning experience, believe me ! ;-)

Got graduated of a computer science engineer degree in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Somewhere in December 1993, I found myself copying software on a bunch of 50 3"5 floppies. And I felt FREE to do it ! As well as happy. That was my first Slackware GNU/Linux distro, running the 0.99pl13 kernel. Thanks to all those people to make it happenned !

Over the years, I became an expert in a client/server development tool owned by Sybase. Good stuff but with some defaults : not an open source product. If it has been, it would have gone much further and in a better direction.

Now I'm recovering from a bad disease. Time to think. Time to start contributing myself. I decided to gently start with translation. I didn't really know which product when suddently I found the "Learn Linux" project. That will be the one, as I've always been attracted by teaching.

More about me in Molière's language on my blog :

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