I was tired. The redeye from the west coast always left me something less than rested. I had been out to northern California to visit my daughter. Really to patch up our relationship a bit. We had drifted apart sadly since my wife, her mother, had passed away just after Sarah, our daughter, had graduated college. I've been alone these six years. Now 57 I was maybe a little old fashioned. I didn't exactly disapprove, but maybe I was a little confused by my daughter's lifestyle. She was, um...in a relationship with another woman. Still she's 28 now and needs to lead her own life. Sarah had a career in some IT field. She was doing well. I was alone. The visit went well enough. I met her, friend Martie. We had dinner together. She seemed happy. It was up to me to accept this. I only wish my wife Helen was here to help me.

I collected my bags and was rolling the suitcase through JFK airport when I saw her. A young woman hugging a large duffel, sitting on the floor in a corner. Crying. She had light blonde-red hair and very red eyes. She sobbed and watched people passing. Looking almost hopefully as the crowd moved along. Being a lifelong New Yorker I was about to do the usual and mind my business and walk by. Maybe it was the visit to Sarah, some paternal instinct. Maybe it was having nothing in particular to do, no one waiting for me. I stopped.

"Excuse me. Is something wrong? Can I help?" What followed was a tumble of words, running together, exploding at once. It was English, but I had no idea what she'd said. "Whoa, slow down please." When she took a breath, sniffled, then tried again slower I realized it was the Australian accent. Or at least what I assumed was Australian. I won't try to replicate all her words here. So consider her comments a translation,

"He was supposed ta meet me. He said we'd be together and travel the country. And I have no more money and no one to help and I'm stuck."

As I said, I wasn't doing anything but going home. So I suggested,

"How about we go to a coffee shop upstairs and you explain? There will be a lot of people around." She nodded and followed me up the escalator. We found a Starbucks and sat down with a coffee. Something we both needed at the moment. "Now tell me what happened."

"I flew here from Perth. Donald was supposed to meet me here. We've been talking on the internet for months. He said we had something and wanted to meet me."

"Maybe he got delayed?"

"It's been three days I'm here. He doesn't answer calls or texts. He..." Now she started crying again. "He has my money, my savings, he said he would buy us tickets to travel. He bought the ticket to get here..."

"Oh jeez. A scammer. You poor thing. Have you eaten?"

"Just what someone gave me."

"OK first, let's get you a meal. Then tell me do you have family back home?" As we moved on to a restaurant for some overpriced airport food she told me her story,

"My name is Jeannie. I'm from a small town near the west coast. I have no family to speak of. Been on my own some years now. I thought I found someone who would love me." I looked at her. She was a bit disheveled, but cute, wish a spray of freckles over her nose, a pale complexion, gray-green eyes and a shy smile.

"Just how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

"20. Almost 21." Oh fuck. And here she was stranded halfway around the world.

"And you have no money to get home?" She shook her head, started crying again. "Did you speak to a police officer?"

"No, I was afraid. I don' t know how they treat someone like me here." I nodded, understanding her fears. Then the inevitable question, "Why are you helping me?" I took a moment to answer.

"Honestly, I don't know. I've just come from visiting my daughter. We've not been on best terms for a few years. I think we've reconciled. Still she's across the country and I'm here."

"You live in New York?"

"Yes, I have a small house in Astoria, not too far from here." Jeannie was digging into her meal. She must have been famished. She probably needed a good shower. And a few safe moments to consider her situation. I debated in my head. Here I was 57, semi-retired, gray haired, a bit of a belly, high blood pressure, out of shape, lonely. Should I? Would I seem ridiculous? An old pervert? She could be my daughter, even grand-daughter. Oh now I'm being silly. She wouldn't even assume I might be looking to take advantage of her that way. I wasn't but how would it look. And what would Sarah say? I took a breath.

"I'd help you if you want." She looked up, still lifting food into her mouth. She chewed. Swallowed. Asked,


"I can't afford just now to buy you a ticket home."

"I don't have a home."

"I have an extra room. My daughter's room. You're welcome to it. Hot shower, meals." Jeannie stared at me. So far her experiences told her she would be taken advantage of.

"And?" Oh shit, she did go there. I felt a fool. An old fool.

"No! No, no commitments, nothing. I just want to help." Now Jeannie tried to suppress a smile. She was looking at me, thinking.

"I don't think I have a choice. No one else has offered. You're very kind. I will find work. Repay your kindness."

"Good good, sure. Take your time. Get your thoughts together. Be yourself then see what comes next." She finished her meal, then I called for an Uber. She looked with some wonder out the window on the ride.

"So much bigger than Perth. I've never even been over to Sydney or Melbourne. So crowded."

"Yes. Everywhere around here. Even where I live. It's much smaller than over there in the city, but a lot of people together." We were dropped off at my house. One of a row of attached homes. Many had converted their upstairs to a separate apartment. I'd considered doing that but had kept Sarah's room in case she visited, or moved home. When we were inside, I explained to Jeannie,

"There's a bedroom upstairs. And a bathroom. You can use those. Take a nice hot shower and a nap if you want. You must be exhausted. I'll stay down here. We can have dinner later. I'm not a great cook, but I'm not starving, obviously." I patted my stomach.

Jeannie laughed, "I'm not picky and beggers can't be choosers. I do like the idea of a shower and a rest." She disappeared upstairs. I heard the shower running a good long time. Then after a bit all was quiet. I stretched out on my sofa and decided I could use a nap too. I woke a bit later with a raging hardon. Unusual for me these days. I remembered a dream. A young woman offering herself to me. A sexy woman with large breasts and ample butt, riding me like I hadn't been in years. Somehow I was younger too, slimmer, vigorous. That explained the reaction. I sat up with a start. Noticed Jeannie sitting in a chair leafing through a magazine. Remembering what had awakened me and how, I sat up and pulled a blanket over me. Did Jeannie stifle a smile as she looked from her magazine to me?

"I hope you don't mind. I woke up and came down here to talk to you and saw you sleeping. So I found this magazine."

"No problem. Really. Help yourself. Anything in the refrigerator. Or the cabinets. No need to ask."

"Anything?" Did she wink as she went back to her reading? One thing I noticed. While the woman in my dream had red hair and gray-green eyes, or would have if I dreamed in color, she was not Jeannie. The girl sitting across from me was slim, wearing a t shirt and shorts, definitely not large breasts or butt. Her legs looked to be strong, from running maybe. Jeannie put aside the magazine, "John," somewhere along the line I'd told her my name, "while I was laying in bed upstairs I was thinking. Could I find some kind of work here?"

"Depends on what. I know a lot of the local businesses. I've been here for ages. With your accent you'd be a hit."

"I could waitress or something. Counter service."

"I'm sure we could find something." She bounced up and practically leapt across the room giving me a hug.


"Soz, am I too forward? You're so kind."

"That's ok I wasn't ready, that's all. You're obviously rested and much perkier."

"Oh yes. I have lots of energy. I like to run for exercise. I can go all day." I'm sure she could. Oh stop John. You're old. She's a kid. "Can we go for a walk? I'd love to see what's around." I'd determined that getting up wouldn't cause offense then went into my room to change. Then we walked the neighborhood. We stopped in at a couple of places to see about employment opportunities. I showed Jeannie the local park where there were paths for running. I decided to skip cooking for this evening and treated us to a meal at my favorite local Italian restaurant. Back home we spent the evening talking about our lives, mine much longer of course. Over the next few days we found employment for Jeannie. A local shop where the owner was charmed by her accent and lively personality. We walked the neighborhood, longtime acquaintances giving us odd looks. I walked the lake, while Jeannie ran. She wasn't tall, not much more than 5-4 but when she got moving her legs stretched out and chewed up the pavement. It was near the end of the first week when we got on to a common topic. Loneliness.

Jeannie had asked about being married. I told her it had been the best thing ever. That Helen and I were companions, friends, lovers for so long, but that it had never gotten tired. But now it had been more than six years.

"And no one since?" I shook my head. "You poor man. So sad, about Helen. But life shouldn't stop."

"That's what Sarah told me. 'Find someone Dad'. Like I could easily go out and meet someone. It's been well over 30 years."

"But you're such a kind generous man?"

"Ah, I'm an old man. I used to be thin, full of energy. Now I get tired walking the lake."

"Nah, that's all a lot of nothing. I like older men."

"To you that's 30." I laughed.

"No really. Maybe it's not having family. Someone to look up to."

"You should find someone your age."

"And where did that get me?" I took her point. Still, certainly she wasn't suggesting... "I've been on my own, Making my own decisions for years now." Now she stood and walked to sit beside me. I held my breath as she sat very close to me. She touched my face, feeling my salt and pepper beard. Then let her hand slide down to my chest, and down to lay atop my stomach. "I think you're sexy."

"Jeannie, you don't need to. I told you..."

"Shush you. Don't insult me. I'm alone, you're lonely. I find you attractive. I hope you find me the same."

"Oh you're so very cute."

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

"I, um, well I try not to look." She stood, pulled her shirt over her head. Then she removed her bra, letting me see her perky B cup breasts, bouncing, slightly upturned, pink nipples sitting up.

"How about now?"

"Oh, yes. Definitely yes." Now Jeannie sat, straddling me. Her hands went around my head, she leaned closer and gave me a tentative kiss. She took one of my hands and place it on her breast. I returned her kiss. Held her breast. I hadn't been with another woman since I wasn't much older than Jeannie. I'd been with no one for about 6 years. I was nervous. Afraid to make a fool of myself. Or to disappoint Jeannie, or embarass myself. She kissed me again, more forcefully.

"It's ok John. I want to. For many reasons. Mostly because I like you." She was trying to put me at ease. It was barely working. We kissed. I held her breast, having forgotten what a 20 year old breast felt like in my hand. Standing out on it's own, yet soft enough to jiggle and sway as she moved. I squeezed gently, feeling it mold to my grip, her nipple hardening. Jeannie's hand was under my shirt, moving through the sparse wirey hair on my chest, kissing my lips, offering her tongue. As she did this her hand wandered over my no longer flat stomach. My mind wondering how she found this old man interesting in a sexual way. I felt silly, slightly uncomfortable touching her youthful body. Why me? "If you want to take it easy, just hold me. Make me feel safe." So I put my arms around Jeannie, held her to me. She made a sound that was more like a satisfied purr. Her free hand continued to stroke my skin, to show me that she didn't find me old and undesirable. I was asking myself how I could pass up this opportunity to be with a young cute woman?

"Jeannie, are you sure you want to do this? I'm, close to three times your age. You're younger than my daughter."

"I like older men. I lost my virginity to a guy near 40. And, I think you're sexy. And it's cute how you're almost afraid to touch me. A young guy would be grabbing and pulling at me. You're gentle."

"I, I don't know how I'll do. It's been awhile. And my age.."

"Ah, no worries. I saw when you woke up. That first time. Let me try." Now her hand had moved down over my belly. She unbuckled by belt and opened the top of my pants. Her hand slid down further finding my cock, stimulated, but definitely not hard. She began to hold me, letting her hand move along my cock. When her thumb circled the head she said, "Oh you're cut. The men I've known at home weren't. Let me see." Now she slid down, pulling my pants with her. I was trying to relax. Trying to let the feelings take over and trying to forget the rediculous notion of this 20 year old sprite, excited to hold and inspect my currrently unimpressive old cock. She held it up, still soft in her hand, looking me over, pulling and stroking, feeling some response. Then she put my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking at me. Finally I felt a jolt, my body jump started into the proper mode. Remembering these feelings and the proper response. My cock stiffened a bit. Jeannie looked up at me with her freckles and gray-green eyes, her tongue dancing around the head of my cock, she smiled then those same teeth lightly closing on the tip. She paused a moment to say, "See, he's waking up for me." Jeannie began bobbing her head on me, blonde-red hair shining as she sucked and licked. I closed my eyes and tried to let go to the feelings. Letting my mind go blank to any thoughts that could inhibit me. Jeannie was patient and relentless. Determined to finish the job she started. And it did take awhile. Longer than I though reasonable. Her head bobbing, her tongue, going around and up and down, her hand holding and rolling my balls, then stroking me, until she felt me stiffen, I moaned, tensed. She closed her lips tight on the base of my head, stroking me until she could taste me, swallowing, cum flowing more than shooting. My body tingled from the forgotten feeling. I was catching my breath when Jeannie came off of my cock and smiled, "See, told you it would work. Next time it'll be even better. You're just out of practice." Next time?

"Jeannie. That was amazing. Thank you. I haven't felt like that in so long." She seemed pleased. She'd done all the work but I was exhausted. Then she snuggled against me, unconcerned that my old floppy dick was laying against her leg.

"Hold me." So I did.

I stroked her shoulder and thanked the heavens for sending this angel to revive me. Then I thought about her. What could I do for Jeannie? I certainly was in no position to perform sexually. Even if she wanted to have sex with me. Of course a young woman now might expect a man to reciprocate. But that wasn't something Helen liked. Times had changed. So I lay there and I pondered as I stroked her shoulder and held her to me.



"I'd like to try something." She picked her head up off my chest and looked at me. She could certainly tell from where it had shrunken between us that I was't likely to be offering sex. So she looked at me curiously,

"And what does my big ol' bear have in mind?"

"Well, I haven't done this in decades. But if you'd want to get naked I'd, um try to pleasure you."

"Well lookie here, tryin' to get me naked and all."

"Oh you don't have to, I wasn't..." I stopped because she already had her top off and now her shorts and underwear had followed. I was greeted by slim hips, a tight round bottom and a patch of reddish-blonde hair. "....oh wow, it's been so.."

"So long, I know. You don't have ta keep putting yerself down." She lay down beside me again. Now I let my hands explore the newly revealed bits of Jeannie. She kissed me and moved my hand to her mound. "Isn't that where you're going?" I just said, 'mmm hmm" into her mouth.

I sat up and got down to the floor. Jeannie sat facing me. I'd forgotten how flexible people could be. She scooted forward and stretched her legs out wide to each side. I moved in closer and kissed her lips. She giggled. "Your beard tickles. Go ahead that'll add to the fun." I kissed around, her pussy closed up tight. Using my fingers, I separated her and kissed at what I found. Licking between her lips I could tell she was excited. The tart, tangy, sweet taste of a woman. So enticing, long forgotten. Now I was drawn in. The primal need to have what I was experiencing. All my senses attuned to the woman exposed before me. As I licked I tasted her, I put my nose against her and took in her scent, I felt along her folds, the bump of her bud, then down to her small opening. I could hear her sighing happily and saw her, pink, wet, inviting. I let my tongue press against her, probing, pushing into her. She gasped as I entered her, my tongue searching, moving around. My fingers circled her clit as it became excited, her pussy flush now from stimulation, I moved by tongue up to her clit as my fingers touched and teased circling and entering reaching deeper than my tongue, listening for moans of pleasure and finding what pleased Jeannie. Sweet Jeannie. Young, lithe, sexual Jeannie. I was sucking on her clit, two fingers fucking her pussy. She said,

"Keep doing that, oh fack, ooooh John." Her hips were bouncing her butt on the sofa, she was trying to push her pussy up to me, her legs now crossed behind my back, holding us together. She was holding tight to the sofa, moaning and letting out sounds of pleasure as I sucked and licked and rubbed inside. When she came it was all at once, a sharp low scream, sounds expelled, then holding my head to her she gave me more of her taste. I could feel the warmth, I lapped at her juices, I kissed all over her pussy, then sat back panting myself.


Her pussy was flush, she looked down at me, her hair hanging around her face, her chest heaving, her expression one of wanton lust. Her hands reached down and stroked my face. "Thank you big 'ol bear. That was lovely."

"I hope I did it right."

"Ha, do I look like I haven't been done right? Come up here, I want to hug you." So we spent the next hour or so lying together on my sofa, naked, hugging. When I got up to make dinner she looked at me. I was putting on shorts. She said, "leave the shirt off. I like to look at you."

"Don't be silly, no one needs to be looking at me naked."

"I would. But if you don't want to you could run with me. Your bum's not fat, we could get rid of some of that belly if it bothers you."

"It didn't bother me much until a young woman started staring at it. But my doctor would be happy if I lost some weight. I should check with him."

"Good! I'd like the company." Given the realities of age we were done for that day. We had dinner, watched TV and went off to our own beds. We also didn't repeat our escapades the next day or the day after. I got in to see my doctor, who cautioned that I ease into increased exercise, but that in general it was a good idea. Then I sprung the other, maybe the real reason I was there. I asked about pills to help performance. He seemed surprised given what he knew about me the past few years.

"John, good for you. Do you know that you need them?"

"Well, the one time we tried. It could have been better."

"Surely a woman near your age would expect..."

"She's younger. Much younger."

"Oh, ok. May I suggest easing into that exercise program too? Don't over do it." He was putting it all together. A grin. "I don't want to get into personal things, but be careful."

"Understood." He gave me what I needed which I filled immediately. Something I could take regularly to be ready as needed. I hoped. Several more days passed. I'd gone out jogging/walking with Jeannie. Trying to build up a little stamina. She would jog along with me, then sprint off and come around the small lake to jog with me some more. People in the neighborhood were getting used to seeing us together out shopping for groceries or picking out clothes as the weather changed. I'm sure some were wondering who the young woman was who I had staying at my house. I wasn't ready yet to answer anyone's questions. The first person who would hear from me on the subject was Sarah and I definitely wasn't up to that discussion yet.

After dinner the next day as I settled down for the evening Jeannie looked at me. Then she asked,

"Didn't you like it?"


"Didn't you like being with me?"

"Oh, yes, it was great."

"So, why haven't you, you know."

"I, uh. Well it is kind of awkward. I don't want to seem like I'm taking advantage. Pushing, or forcing myself." She got up. She was wearing a long t shirt. Maybe she had been planning this. When she lifted the tee over her head she was wearing nothing else.

"Is it ok if I take advantage of you? Will you take me to bed? She was hopping from foot to foot. This caused her breasts to bounce in the most delightful way, her pale pink nipples moving this way and that. She put out her hand. I gave her mine and got up "Your bed or mine?" I hadn't thought of this. My bed, where Helen and I had slept together for so many years? But Jeannie's bed was Sarah's in Sarah's room. I quickly decided that would be more uncomfortable.

"Mine." As she turned I saw Jeannie's cute little round butt. With out thinking I gave her a quick squeeze. She squealed, turned,

"Now that's more like it!" She led me to my bed, helped me undress and hopped on, arms out to welcome me. "OOh I'm gonna root my big 'ol bear." We took a moment to work out the terminology. Then quickly got to touching and kissing. Jeannie was happy to see I was already fairly erect. She snuggled up against me and let her hand work on getting me all the way ready. When she was satisfied she pushed me onto my back. "Let me do the work." In a flash she was astride me and moments later I was inside the first woman other than Helen since I was Jeannie's age. The feeling of my cock sliding up into her tight warm pussy was a feeling I wasn't sure I'd ever feel again. She was a ball of energy, rocking and bouncing on me, scratching at my chest, leaning down for kisses, stretching back, and then forward to change how she was stimulating herself on me. I watched her bouncing and jiggling, touching her and caressing her smooth skin. Holding her lively young breasts, cupping her tight bottom. She seemed well satisfied with my stamina, able to ride me in such a way that she came before I did. When she was laying beside me, she commented, "Seems like more than last time. Exercise is helping!"

"I cheated a little. When I saw the doctor."

"OH, so you WERE hoping for some Jeannie?"

"Um, yes?"

"So, you may be able to again?"

"I don't know about tonight. But...if you want to. You could stay down here tonight? In the morning maybe."

"John, are you asking me to sleep with you?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"OH. Nothing more I want than to have my big bear hold me all night." We stayed up a bit longer, cuddling and kissing. I was starting to feel less ridiculous. She really did seem to like this. In the morning I was happy to wake with an erection. Still I had to get up and use the bathroom. When I'd managed that and brushed my teeth I was even happier to see I still had some morning wood. When I walked back into the bedroom, my cock more proudly bouncing, Jeannie was laying there watching, the sheet halfway down, her breasts sitting up. "It seems your medicine is working. Come snuggle with me." I got in along side Jeannie, she pushed back spooning with me, then felt between her legs to find my cock. She trapped it between her thighs and shifted back and forth until I was fully hard, then shifting her position she directed me inside. Pushing back against me, she let me control the thrust up into her as I held an arm around her, cupping a breast, holding us together. She let her head rest back on my shoulder, let my cock push upwards. She took my hand from her breast and led it to her clit. Now I concentrated all efforts on her pussy. My cock moving in and out, my fingers going round and round. This time I came first but held myself tight to Jeannie as my fingers rubbed and worked on and round until she clamped down on me and came, holding me inside, cumming, then relaxing and letting me fall out. She turned and lay atop me, her legs either side of me, her head on my chest. "You make me happy John."

Later that day my concern over calling Sarah was resolved when my cell wrang and it was Sarah on the line. Before I could say much more than hello I heard the tears on her end,

"What's wrong Sarah?"

"Martie left. She just took her stuff and left. Daddy, I thought we had something. Ugh, now what?" My first thought was, she could always come home. But that was complicated by her nice job in California, and my recent guest. "Don't say it. I'm not coming back. I love my job and the lifestyle out here."

"I understand. And, um, there's something I've been meaning to tell you for a few weeks now."

"What? Are you ok? You're not sick are you?"

"No. Actually my last doctor visit he was happy that I was going to exercise more."

"Exercise? Oh Daddy! You've met someone? That's great, wonderful. You know I've been telling you that you can't wither away missing Mom."

"Yes. About that. I have met someone. When I was returning from seeing you matter of fact."

"That's well more than a month ago."

"Yes, well, she's younger than me."

"Oh look at you!."

"Much younger." Now her tone changed.


"She's um, she's almost 21."

"ALMOST? WHAT? Did you say 21?"

"Yes Sarah, but it's not like..."

"Oh my god. Oh Daddy, I know you've been lonely. I could tell while you were here. But, but. I don't want to insult you, but there are people who prey on....older folks."

"First, yes, I'm older. But I'm not OLD. I'm not a doddering 90 year old. I still do viable work and I'm exercising. We run together."

"Is she there? Put her on the phone. I want to talk to her. Now Daddy." I looked up and offered the phone to Jeannie who had been sitting across the living room listening.

"Sarah wants to talk to you. I'm going to go sit on the front porch." From out there with the window open I could just hear some of what Jeannie said. Mostly she listened. Sometimes she said things in a low voice so I couldn't hear. When I heard her call my name after ten minutes or so I went in and took back the phone.

"Sarah, you still there?"

"Daddy, I'd still like to come visit as soon as I can manage, but she told me the whole story. You must be quite a couple in the old neighborhood, but she sounds lovely."

'Really? You're not concerned?"

"No. You're an adult. It doesn't sound like you're being taken advantage of. She's quite forward, as far as personal things. So if you don't mind me being crude, it sounds like you're getting more pussy than me."

"Sarah!" She giggled.

"Sorry Daddy, but this has all made my day better. I'm, I'm really happy for you. Is she staying with you?"

"Yes. At first in your room. Hope you don't mind, but I think that situation may change."

"Wow. No of course I don't mind. But it sounds like I'll have a place to stay?"

"Of course. This is always your home."

"Thanks, bye Daddy. I'll let you know."

"OK, bye Sarah." I hung up and looked at Jeannie. "You must have made a good impression, my daughter isn't easily won over."

"She loves you very much. She said that if I hurt you she will be on the next flight and kick my ass all the way back to Australia. I believe her." I smiled, then patted the cushion next to me. Jeannier joined me on the sofa.

"I guess you heard. Do you want to change the sleeping arrangements, or would you prefer to have your own space?"

"If I have a choice I prefer the comfort of sharing a bed with my big bear. I'm going to drop the 'ol part. You now have the energy of a younger man."

"Thank you! Now let's get dressed and walk down to Pat's for coffee. The weather is great this time of year. Then maybe a jog around the lake?"

We had a couple of blocks to walk. About halfway down my street I realized Jeannie had taken my hand. I gripped hers tight. If she wasn't concerned with what people thought of her, I was getting past people shaking their heads at me.

Since I was working part time on projects I suggested a few days off and some sightseeing in Manhattan. Despite living so close I rarely went into the city and Jeannie had been hesitant to go alone. We made a bit of a vacation of it. Even though only a few miles away, I booked us a room and declared it a vacation to New York. Jeannie was excited by the idea.

"Oh I thought I'd be seeing the sights. This will be nice."

"Jeannie, I'd be happy to take you anywhere. You can see all the places you hoped to see." Tears welled in her eyes. She ran to me and buried her head against my chest. Sniffling she said,

"How lucky that at my lowest point I'm saved by a generous, kind man." I kissed on top of her head, then held her back to look at her,

"Jeannie, it's not that you haven't given me new life. I'm out and about, I'll be seeing things through new eyes, and I'll be healthier and more fulilled than I ever thought I'd be. You're just as generous and kind." She put a hand up.

"Just don't say anything about your age. That's a non-subject. Irrelevent. We can be Jeannie and John together." I had thoughts, but no desire to express them and possibly hurt my little angel. I expected that sooner or later she would want to be with someone closer to her age. Even if she did prefer older men. But for now I would put that aside and enjoy life. I'd spent very little the past few years. The house was paid off, my advisor said my investments were doing well. I'd have to tell him that I might need more funds for travel. Time to spend a little. My first trip. Across the East River.

First I gave Jeannie the subway experience. I think once was enough. We walked around the city, up 5th avenue, popped into a couple of museums. She was duly impressed by the size and busy streets. After dinner we checked into a high end midtown hotel, we'd left our bags earlier. I requested a higher floor with a view. We got to the room and Jeannie was surprised by the size and the spectacular view up across the park. She quickly stripped down to her underwear, definitely not day to day underwear. The bra lifted her breasts, the bottom barely covered her and had just a string going between her cheeks. She dance about the room showing off from every angle. I scooped her up and sat her on my lap.

"Can I just watch you in those for a bit longer?"

"You like them?"

"The accentuate everything that was already perfect." The laughed and playfully slapped at me.

"Your compliments are well overboard, but much appreciated. They won't be forgotten." She bounced up, did a handstand, letting her legs spread out to the sides. By now I was definitely hard. Letting herself down, she told me, "I did some gymnastics too." Now she was standing against me, her finger on my chin, "take it out and I'll do a split, right on it." Challenge accepted. I took off everything, no longer concerned with what Jeannie would see. I sat on the chair holding my cock straight up. Jeannie got herself on the chair with me, got one leg on either arm and lowered herself until she'd done a complete split and brought herself right down on my cock. I held her by the waist lifting and lowering her just a bit, then she moved one, then the other leg up onto my shoulder letting herself sink all the way onto my cock. I held my arms around her to keep her in place.

"Amazing." I lifted her off me so she turned around and sat back against me, my cock again buried inside. Jeannie leaned back for a kiss putting an arm around my neck while wiggling her ass on me.

"I could sit here all night resting against you with your pole inside. My hands, now free, curled up under her arms and found her breasts, still being held up. I released the bra and replace the cups with my hands.

"How about you do that and I'll do the bra's work."

"MMM, your big strong hands should have no problem. Pinch my nipples. It gets me excited." I looked down over her shoulder, grabbing each nipple between thumb and forefinger. I squeezed and pulled and pinched. Jeanne in turn was grinding herself on me, putting her legs out over my thighs so all her weight kept my cock pushed to the extreme. The more I pinched the more she rolled her hips and moved on me. Cupping each breast I could squeeze them while stimulating her nipples. They were getting a deeper shade of pink, her pale breasts, sprinkled with freckles were also coloring. Jeannie was biting at my neck, nibbling at my ear, whispering sweet and dirty things into my ear. She started to shudder, I pinched harder. What I heard now was mostly "uhhhhhngh, ooooooooo," and the like. Finally she began shaking and bouncing on me willing herself over the edge then holding on with hands and legs as she felt it hit her. It lasted a bit, then left her slumped on me, my cock still hard inside. I lifted her off of me and carried her to the bed. She fell back hands and legs and hair splayed about her. I got on the bed, held myself over her, my face alongside.

"Jeannie, I'm going to make love to you the best way I know how." She smiled and touched my face.

"I'd like that."

I took my time. I lavished little Jeannie with kisses. I ran my fingers through her soft hair. I caressed her lithe body softly, gently. When she was relaxed, but excited, I entered her. Her legs spread wide to allow for me. My belly between us, pressed between us as I kissed her passionately with each thrust. I held her wrists together above her head on one hand, used the other to steady me as I made love to this angel. She kissed me back with her own passion, her body undulating under me, accepting me, writhing, moaning low as I let her feel how she excited me. She stretched her legs up, I wrapped my arms around them, using them for balance as I drove deep, then as I neared,I let her legs down and leaned against her, holding Jeannie in my arms as throbbed and released into her. I rolled over to my back taking Jeannue with me until she was straddling me, and laying atop me. We kissed for a bit more, as the excitement of the moment waned and the feelings glowed between us.

"MMM, John, you're so powerful like that. I like it." We rested, sitting, looking out at the lights, the park, the museum in the distance.

"Jeannie, I'll show you sights like this in many more cities."

"You know John, I'd be happy to be with you in Astoria. I mean, sure I'd like to travel and explore, but I'm not with you for that."

"I know Jeannie. I know. That's why your so special to me." We gazed out at the twinkling lights and the stars matching them above.

"John, out where I was a girl. You could see so many stars at night. Countless."

"Do you miss it?"

"Not when I'm with you."

We spent another day sightseeing downtown. Jeannie seemed oblivious to everyone, standing on a low wall to kiss me. Kiss me in a way that told anyone watching that we were more than acquaintances. Now she walked with an arm around me or hand in hand. We walked the High Line and watched the people down below. We dined at off the path little places in the Village. She seemed to like the free spirits. We saw other couples of differing ages.

"I like New York, John. People mix however they like with no judgements."

"Oh there are plenty of people judging. I might have been one of them at some point in the past. It's what caused trouble with Sarah."

"And now you don't?"

"It's hard to change life long opinions, but you, and Sarah, have opened my eyes to possibilities I didn't imagine."

"Do you think Sarah will accept me?"

"Once she's sure you're not taking advantage of a silly old man."

"And how will you convince her?"

"By being myself. If I started wearing a much younger man's clothes and having my hair cut in some new fashion, she might think me a fraud, trying to be something I'm not. But if I'm her same old Dad who happened to fall in love with a woman who happened to be younger than her.."

"Do you love me?" I'd said it without thinking, naturally. I was holding her hand in mine. Now I put the other hand over hers and looked into her eyes.

"Yes, Jeannie. It's not something I thought to make a proclamation, but it's simple fact. I love you like any man and woman, not any other kind of thing some might suppose. I can accept you having your own feelings, however they may be." She leaned over against me.

"I'd cry, but I'm happy. I've been thinking maybe I was having feelings because you're the first person who has taken a real interest in me. Who has been kind to me. Who offered his home and self out of the goodness in his heart. I wouldn't have known real love if it smacked me in the head. But if you feel it, then I guess it's true. Thank you John."

When she was able to get some time Sarah let me know that she'd be coming to New York. She was able to get a flight to LaGuardia which was closer to me. I went to pick her up, thinking about the pros and cons and finally deciding that Jeannie should be with me. As we waited in for her in the luggage area, Jeannie seemed nervous.

"Oh I do hope this goes alright. What if she doesn't like me?"

"First of all, I do think she'll like you. I think most people would like you if given half a chance. Just for a start people here think your accent is adorable. Then she'll see how happy I am and that'll get you points. And finally, if for some reason you don't hit it off, she'll go back to California and we'll still be here."

"You won't send me packing?"

"You insult my love Jeannie." Now she looked embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. It's all so much." I now tapped her arm.

"There she is, come, let's help with her bags. If I know my daughter she overpacked." When Sarah saw me she hurried over and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Daddy, so good to see you. You look great." Then stepping back, "Ten pounds, at least." Then looking over at Jeannie, hesitation, then a hug. "So here's the adorable Jeannie. I hope we can be friends." Jeannie wasn't sure how to take Sarah. She shrank back just a little. "Oh come here, I'm teasing. By the looks of things you're doing wonders for my Dad." She hugged Jeannie again.

Jeannie, now more at ease, "It would be nice to be friends. It would make your Da happy." We picked up Sarah's bags and working our way through local streets I knew like the back of my hand we were home in no time.

Sarah asked, "Where do I put my stuff?" I jumped in to save Jeannie any enbarassment,

"In your room of course. Jeannie is in with me now." Sarah looked from one to the other of us, nodded and ran her stuff upstairs. Jeannie exhaled.

"Do you think she likes me? Or accepts me?"

"I think she will. It might take a little bit."

"Alright then. No worries, I'm ok."

Sarah came down as we were setting the table for lunch. I could tell immediately that she was going to be forward and direct and push limits. It's her way and something that sometimes got in the way. But that was Sarah.

"So you two haven't, ya know, in my bed, cause THAT would be too weird." Jeannie answered immediately,

"No, no, I think your Da would have felt the same way." I decided to push back. The new me.

"No we didn't Sarah, but your Mom and I used to, for a change of pace while you were away at school." Sarah look at me. Jeannie looked at me. Sarah burst out laughing,



Not you two." Jeannie now laughed and looked at me.

"OK, no we didn't. And neither did Jeannie and I. Almost got ya there." Sarah nodded and sat.

"OK fair enough. But looking at you and Jeannie, it may take me a minute or two to grasp this. Hearing about it over the phone was one thing. I could imagine a desperate little beast. But damn, if she isn't the cutest little thing. But after lunch you're going out for a walk and Jeannie and I will have a long a frank discussion. Deal?" I looked at Jeannie. I didn't want her to feel pressured. But she replied,

"I respect ya concerns for ya Da. Sure, whatever you need." I agreed. If it was ok with Jeannie. After lunch I went down to the local for a beer. I hadn't been in much but the guys from the neighborhood had seen me out an about, with Jeannie. It didn't take long for questions and ribbing. Mostly of the type where they couldn't believe a worn out old dog like me was really living with such a sweet young girl. I really hit the nail on the head when Pete the bartender asked why I didn't bring her in.

"Don't those Aussie's all like a pint?"

"She won't be 21 until the end of the month." Now they were hootin' and hollering. Robbing the cradle and all. I waited a bit longer then walked home wondering what I would find. I opened the front door to silence. Oh no, what happened? Then a burst of laughter. I rushed down the hall to find Sarah and Jeannie sitting in the living room with large glasses of wine laughing about something. Sarah looked at me as I entered and raised her glass.

"Hope you don't mind, but Jeannie tells me this is the longest she's gone without a drink in several years. And she IS almost 21."

"No that's ok. Sorry Jeannie, it's not that I'm opposed to a friendly drink."

"No worries John, but a glass of good wine goes with good company." Here she toasted Sarah who joined in,

"Daddy we're having such a good time. Jeannie is teaching me Aussie curse words and did you know everyone there says cunt all day like we say fuck here."

"Sarah, you know I don't talk like that!."

"Yes Daddy, but don't be an old...." She paused as Jeannie held up a finger, "sorry Jeannie."

I asked, "What?"

"Jeannie says I can't called you old until you can't, and let me get this right, give her a good hard root a few times a week." Here she looked at a blushing Jeannie who smiled and nodded. I was caught looking from one to the other.

"OK I think I can have one more beer so this conversation doesn't embarrass me too much. Jeannie dear, could you get me a beer, I'd like a moment with Sarah."

"Sure, I'll take my time." When she left the room I sat by Sarah,

"What do you think, honestly."

"Daddy, I think she's genuine. What you did at the airport was noble and generous. She was at wits end stranded in a strange place with hundreds of people walking by ignoring her. Then her big ol' bear, here she giggled, "rescued her and gave her the first loving home she's known in a long time. She feels in your debt, but I don't think that's why she, ok this part is awkward, she's not paying off a debt, she, jeez, she loves you. And not in a father-daughter or friend way. That girl has a passion for you."

"Ok, whew, it's not just me then. Thank you. What should I do?"

"First of all you need to work on a Visa so they don't toss her out. She's working, see what you can do to let her stay here as long as possible."

"How about permanently?"

"You could marry her." Now I sat back, the expression on my face must have been comical. I started by worrying that my daughter would think I'm an idiot for living with a woman several years her junior. Now she brings up marriage? "It doesn't have to be right away. I'd even suggest putting it off a bit, just to be sure. But if you two are going to continue living here and enjoying the benefits, yeah why not. I haven't seen you this happy in a long time." OK, this would take some processing. Jeannie came back in the room carrying my beer and the bottle of wine.

"Did I miss anything good?" Sarah asked for a bit more wine and said to us,

"If she wasn't so committed to your team I'd try to steal her."

"No, sorry Sarah, no chicks for me. I only fancy man parts."

"So this is what you discussed while I was at Phil's?"

"Daddy, I know more about you than you or I ever thought I needed to know. Your Jeannie has few boundaries." We settled in for an evening of conversation and laughs. I supposed I would have to get used to the type of language young people use today. Later that night, after Sarah went up to bed, I brushing my teeth prior to taking a shower. Jeannie walked in, nude, to brush hers. I was also still getting used to the way she casually walked around the bedroom and bathroom naked and also not caring if I was also naked. As I brushed I looked at us side by side in the mirror. Me big, thought not as big as I'd been, creases around the eyes, muscles not as toned as they'd once been, a bit of a pouch hiding some of my flaccid cock. And next to me, the picture of youth. Smooth skin, breasts still perky and sitting up, not an ounce of fat, slim hips. And she loved me. And it was obvious enough the my somewhat cynical daughter knew and accepted it. Acknowledged even. I rinsed, smiled at Jeannie, then started the shower. I got the water nice and hot how I like it. I was standing with the water running over my face when I heard the shower curtain open behind me. As I started to turn I felt her arms wrap around my stomach and her face laying against my back. Jeannie reached over and picked up the bar of soap. As she rubbed it over my wet chest and belly her other hand found my cock which had just begun stirring. She let out a low 'mmm' as she detected life below. Now she used both hands, one with the soap, to clean my balls and my lengthening cock. Jeannie turned me, got my back wet and soaped that down too, caressing me down to my ass cheeks along the way. Then kneeling she soaped up and rinsed my legs, up until she was facing my now erect cock. She'd cleaned it, then rinsed it and not tasted it, sucking me into her mouth, licking down to my balls, pulling at my sack with her lips, flicking at me with her tongue. Now stroking me she worked hard and fast on my cock feeling me thicken, my balls contract, then letting me spew cum on her face, down her chin and onto her chest. I hadn't realized how my stronger my ejaculations had become, now more cum shooting than running out. I braced myself on the side of the shower as Jeannie licked the last bits from my cock and rinsed it off. Standing she showed me her cum covered face, licked around her lips, then let the water rinse it away. Smiling, she said,

"That was for you. See you in bed." And she was gone. Wow. I did my hair, dried myself and in the spirit of it all walked nude to bed. I settled in alongside Jeannie, holding her tight, letting her spoon against me. Her preferred way to sleep. She said it gave her comfort and a feeling of security. I kissed her on the side of her neck.

"I love you Jeannie." She turned and smiled. It's not something I said regularly, or in this way. Now she turned her body around to face me. She put a leg over mine so she could get in closer. Her hand stroked the side of my face. She kissed me on the lips and gave her reply,

"And I love you John. So very very much." That night she slept tight against me, legs entwined. I held her and thought about the future.

I woke up first and had something completely different on my mind. The covers had moved aside during the night. Jeannie was lying on her stomach, stretched out. I put my hand on her upper back and traced the line down the middle until I reached her cute little butt. I caressed her bottom and couldn't resist, so I began light kisses on her cheeks. She began to stir, I continued leaving kisses all around her butt. I was behind her now, my hands sliding up and down her sides, then resting on her hips, kissing. Now Jeannie was awake, shaking her ass as I kissed.

"It seems someone has woken in a mood. Do what you like my big bear. Just not in the butt. I was getting more turned on by her slight body by the moment. Putting my cock in her ass hadn't occured to me, but holding and squeezing her ass had me hard and ready. Kneeling behind Jeannie I lifted her by the hips, to just the right position then rubbed my cock along her slit. She was obviously interested moving her butt to entice me. I held her in place a moment and slid my cock in. Now holding her hips I rocked myself in and out, feeling my need I was more forceful than usual, taking pleasure in thrusting deep. Jeannie encouraged me telling me to, "Oy, fuck me John, oh, oh my strong man, oh fuck," Rocking and giving her everything I had, Jeannie clutching the pillow in her hand as I drove her forward, the headboard hitting the wall. The grunting, I slammed into her once more, then came hard leaving me exhausted. I fell to her side, spent. Jeannie lay there with me, "Well, that was some energy. Where did that come from?"

"Ah Jeannie, you make me feel decades younger. Shit I hope Sarah didn't hear us." Now Jeannie was giggling. We cleaned up and went down to make breakfast. When I had everything ready I called up to Sarah. A few minutes later she came down in her PJs, her hair tied up. Sarah looked at the two of us. "I totally heard you guys going at it." I sat looking down at my coffee. Jeannie simply answered,

"Soz. He woke up in a mood." Sarah laughed, then shocked me.

"Not like I didn't hear you and Mom over the years. I forget how old I was when I realized what you were doing." Now I was completely embarassed. "It's ok Daddy. I'm happy for you. But Jeannie, don't kill him."

"Me? He woke up and took me. Straight out took me hard." Now Sarah and I both blushed and stared into our coffee.

Later we took Sarah to the airport. She declared it a perfect visit and said she'd be back before long. I suggested maybe we could come out and maybe do the wine country once Jeannie was legal.

"Oooh, that would be fun. I can show you around. Jeannie, you'll need to get down to see San Francisco too." Jeannie clapped in approval.

"Add it to my list of places to visit."

It was back to "normal" over the next couple of weeks as we closed in on Jeannie's birthday. I'd asked her if there was any place she wanted to go or something special she wanted for her birthday.

"John, you've given me everything already. I can't possibly ask for more."

"Oh come on. It's your 21st!" She looked at me pondering.

"Tell you what. Take me to your local, Phil's. Buy me some pints and introduce me to your friends."

"Really? It's a bunch of old guys drinking beer and complaining about the Mets."

"Are you embarrassed by me still, cause I'm younger?"

"No, never. The hell with anyone who doesn't accept us, but don't you want something more fun?"

"I want to be a part of your whole life, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind. Phil's it is." I had another surprise for her. Something I asked Sarah to look into for me with her familiarity with the internet. She was thrilled by the challenge.

The morning of Jeannie's birthday I treated her to a full body massage, then I let her lay back as I feasted on her soft pink pussy. I took my time, lavishing kisses all around her red-blonde bush, her pink lips, uisng just my tongue and lips and teeth. No jabbing fingers or hard rubbing. All gentle and soft. She moaned and moved her hips around enjoying the attention. She was relaxed but getting turned on. When her movements became more frantic I focused attention on her bud, sucking at it as it became more prominent and excited. I was rewarded as she slowly rolled through a short series of body encompassing orgasms. When she'd again relaxed I went out to make her favorite breakfast. When she came out in a robe she noticed the envelope on the table.

"What's this then?"

"I asked Sarah to do something for me. Just read her note." Jeannie opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.

---Daddy, success! I was able to track down this Donald. I asked at work and got a recommendation for an attorney to contact him representing Jeannie. He put the fear of God into him. Donald sent him a check which was cashed and the funds forwarded to your account. Send my regards to Jeannie and wish her a happy 21. Love, Sarah---

Jeannie looked at me. Tears were running down her cheeks. "Oh my god, did you really?"

"Yes, I believe I now have all your savings. I'll put in in your account."

"You didn't have to. The lessons I learned from my stupidity was worth it. And meeting you. And Sarah." Now she leapt up and came to sit on my lap, kissing me all over my face. "You wonderful wonderful man."

"Jeannie, it's rare that things work out. This Donald was no pro at this. Sarah said he was actually pretty easy to track down. So now you're well and truly done with him. You're whole again. You can do anything you want!"

"And if I want to stay here. With you?"

"That would make me very happy. Your visa should be here soon."

"That gets me some more time. Thankfully."

"You could become a permanent resident. Even a citizen."

"That takes years, no?"

"It can be expedited."

"Oh? How do we do that?"

"You could marry me." Jeannie looked shocked, surprised, happy all at once.

"What? Is that? You'd want to? What would Sarah say? Are you sure?"

"First, it was Sarah's suggestion. And yes I would, if you would. But think about it. You may want children and someone to get old with you and so many things I might not be able to give you."

"John, you've given me more in a short time than anyone gave me in a lifetime. And I would want to spend as many days as possible with you. And I can still have children. With you." Now I was the shocked one.

"I'd be more like a grandpa than a father. And they'd grow up without a father."

"I grew up without a father. At the least yours would have good memories."

"Whew. I didn't think you'd really consider it."

"I would marry you, or not, as long as I could be with you." We were having another moment, in a series of moments. Then I noticed the time.

"We should get going. To Phil's." We walked down to Phil's, Jeannie with her hands around my arm. Neighbors waved. They were getting used to seeing us. A couple had mentioned that I look happy and that was good. When we got to Phil's I stopped outside, "Ready? There may be a lot of teasing, but all in good fun."

"John, you've never been in an Aussie pub. Let's have fun." I opened the door and we went inside. It took a moment for our eyes to adjust to the relative dark, but the guys had done a nice job. The old Happy Birthday sign was up. A new one with a big 21 was over the bar. And a nice frosty pint of beer was waiting. It seemed all the regulars and even many of the some timers were there. My friends for many years. They yelled 'Happy Birthday' and made some kidding, but not rude remarks. Jeannie seemed genuinely surprised.

"Is this for me?"

"Yes, you're one of us now." Phil called her over and made a show of checking her ID. He declared,

"Says here this young lady is 21 today. What it doesn't say is why she's with this old coot." Jeannie sampled the beer and then took a long swallow. When Phil cautioned her she replied,

"Where I come from this is a warmup." We played the jukebox, the old fashioned kind, sang songs, drank more beer and enjoyed the comaradarie of friends. Jeannie was encouraged to tell stories, mainly so they could hear her accent. By the end of the day no one seemed to care that ol' John was cohabitating with a woman barely able to legally drink. We stumbled home happily a few hours later.

Collapsing on the bed Jeannie informed me, "That was the most fun I've had in ages. But I do believe I'm too drunk to fuck. You may feel free to take advantage of me if you choose."

"No that's ok. I doubt I could get it up. Let's just sleep it off." We slept late, still woke with headaches, tried each others hangover cures and basically sat quietly until the evening when we felt better. That's when Jeannie announced,

"I'm starving."

"I'm in no mood to cook. Let's go out."

"Italian it is. I'm buying!"

"Jeannie, you don't have to."

"I want to. I work, and now I'm not poor and I want to treat my man."

"OK then. We will add this to the list of my efforts to be a more modern man."

"Oh you're plenty modern. You cook, you keep your house in order. And you eat pussy."


"It's true."

"I suppose. I'm not used to talk like this with ladies."

"Hmm, I may have to work on that."

"Oh jeez. And how will you do that."

"Next time you'll need to talk to me with the most foul language when we root."

"I'm not sure I can do that."

"Then no Italian dinner." I made a face. She laughed as we got ready to go. We walked with her arm in mine. I opened the door and pulled out her chair at the table. I order a nice bottle of wine. As we sat there sipping Jeannie looked at me.

"I've changed my mind."

"How so Jeannie?"

"No dirty talk needed. You keep being you. I rather enjoy your proper manners and the way you treat me like a lady."

I had to smile at that. "My pleasure. But if some day I still want to pinch your bum and call you a randy little minx, is that ok?"

"Ha, whatever gets you going John, my big bear."

So we worked and we traveled, and we fucked, and we enjoyed life. I lost another 20 pounds or so from our exercise. A couple months later I called Sarah,

"Hi Daddy."

"Hi Sarah, got a minute?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"I wanted to see if it's a good time for Jeannie and me to visit?"

"Let me check my calendar, hold on. How's it going?"

"Great. We, um. Well, we've decided to get married."

"Holy shit, that's beautiful. When, where?"

"There's only one person we both need to have present and that's you. So we want to come out and do it there. I was hoping you could help with arrangements."

"For this my calendar just cleared right up. Sounds like you don't want a whole church thing?"

"Actually Jeannie's ambilvalent about the whole need for anything. We could go down to town hall today. But I want something she'll remember."

"Oh that's sweet. I'll ask around but I'm sure I know someone who is licensed to perform a wedding ceremony. Can I bring my new friend, Leesa?"

"Of course. Is she your new, um..."

"We're dating. Nothing permanent."

"Any ideas on a location?"

"Yes actually, there's a chapel in Muir Woods. It's beautiful there."

"Yes! I was through there years ago. Thanks for the idea, I'll contact whoever about it."

So we planned and we arranged and finally flew to San Francisco. Jeannie and I stayed in the city and did the usual tourist sights. We took a ride down to Sarah's place and met Leesa. She was a few years younger than Sarah. It was Jeannie, who was so much more comfortable with Sarah now who made the comment that Sarah was taking after her Dad, robbing cradles. They took Jeannie out to buy a dress. Nothing long and flowing, but form fitting and just a little sexy. I went with a typical black tux. On our date we had a limo take us to the park. The setting was magical. Jeannie was amazed by the tall trees and loved the wedding chapel in the woods. The woman serving as minister asked if we were ready. Then a short ceremomy, right to the point.

"Do you, John Murphy, take Jeannie Carson to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

And on we went. Vows, rings, kisses. A walk through the woods. Leesa commented,

"They're kind of cute together." Sarah told her,

"When I first heard about them, I didn't see how it could be real. But she'll add years to his life." I heard them, but decided not to comment. If anything I now had incentive to live longer.

Back at the hotel, Jeannie spun about the room. "This reminds me of that first hotel in New York. The view, the beautiful room. The man I'm with. Should I remove the dress?"

"In due time. I'm rather enjoying the view myself." I fumbled with the mini stereo in the room and found some appropriate music, then asked for a dance. Jeannie joined me and we danced in our room, then we ordered a first class meal. Toasted our life together, then danced some more. Finally I couldn't resist my angel any longer. As we finished turning to another song, I unzipped her dress. "I think I'd like to see my new wife." She stepped back and let the dress fall from her shoulders, then let is slowly slide down her body. When she stepped out of it she lay it over a chair, then stood back to allow me to watch her remove her bra and panties. I'd seen her nude many times, but now the reality that this cute young lady wanted to be with me for the rest of my life really set in. I brought her to me and twirled her about the room another time or two, then I undressed. A bit thinner, or less heavy, then when we met, I was still much older and less firm than Jeannie. Still she came right to me and let her hands wander over me with a desire I'd never quite understand. She looked up into my eyes,

"I'd like my husband to make love to me." I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She lay back waiting for me. I was pleased to see I was ready. She invited me in and sighed with pleasure as I leisurely sank onto her and sighed myself as we were joined. I held her and kissed her and made love, slow and steady, kissing, moaning, humming, enjoying being with each other. When I had cum I lay on her just enough to let her feel my weight. "I love you my big bear."

The year I was to turn 60 I told Jeannie that more than anything I'd like to visit her homeland. Spend a month or more visiting different parts of Australia. She'd never asked to go back, but the expression on her face told me it was a dream come true. So we did the tour, visiting places she'd never been and then the areas where she'd grown up. I'd like to think it happened somewhere on that trip, but one day soon after we were home Jeannie woke me up.

"John, John, it's happened. I did a test. We're going to have a baby!" Despite all my concerns about the future, I was thrilled. For me and for my happy wife. When I called Sarah she yelled with joy then teased me about being a randy old man. When we were alone a few nights later, Jeannie sat leaning against me.

"John, I hope to have you with me for many many years. But now I'll always have a part of you to love." I hugged my angel and thanked fate for putting us together..


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