Team participation for David Ames

David Ames is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Big Data Charmers Member charmers
CPLANE Charm 2016-10-17 Member
Canonical Field Critical 2017-11-20 Member
Canonical Field High 2017-11-20 Member
Canonical Field Medium 2018-09-10 Member
Canonical Onlineservices charmers Member charmers
Charm Helper Maintainers Member charmers
Charm Toolers Member charmers
Demo Charms Member charmers
Elasticsearch Charmers Member FE Team, [private team] Not subscribed
FE Team Member [private team]
Ganglia Charmers Member OpenStack Charmers
Graylog Charmers Member FE Team, [private team] Not subscribed
IBM Charms Member charmers
IBM Demo Team Member [private team]
IRC Charmers Member charmers
Juju Demo Member charmers Not subscribed
Juju GUI Charmers Member charmers
Juju Website Team Member charmers
Landscape Charmers Member charmers
Mojo Maintainers 2015-07-29 Member
MySQL Charm Maintainers Member OpenStack Charmers
NRPE charm developers Member OpenStack Charmers Not subscribed
Nagios Charm developers Member OpenStack Charmers Not subscribed
Nexenta Charmers Member charmers
Nuage Charmers 2016-03-10 Member
OpenStack Charm Testing Maintainers Member OpenStack Charmers
OpenStack Charmers 2015-10-02 Admin
OpenStack Charmers - Testing Charms Member OpenStack Charmers
OpenStack Charmers: Charm Archive Member OpenStack Charmers
Openstack Charm Testers Member OpenStack Charmers
Openstack Charmers Layers 2015-12-01 Member
Quobyte Inc. Member charmers
Squid Reverse Proxy Charmers Member charmers
Ubuntu OpenStack CI Team 2015-11-06 Member
Unity Design Discuss 2012-05-14 Admin Not subscribed
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2016-04-20 Member
Vault charmers 2018-01-31 Member
charmers 2016-03-22 Member Not subscribed
haproxy-team Member charmers
juju Charm Contributors Member charmers
memcached team Member Big Data Charmers, charmers
midonet-charmers Member charmers
snap-mysql-shell-developers 2020-04-17 Owner