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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
cura-engine Cura [master] - Ubuntu Hirsute 1:4.11~202108032118~rev2329~pkg391~ubuntu21.04.1 None
cura-engine Cura [master] - Ubuntu Impish 1:4.11~202108032117~rev2329~pkg391~ubuntu21.10.1 None
cura-engine Cura [master] - Ubuntu Focal 1:4.11~202108032117~rev2329~pkg391~ubuntu20.04.1 None
uranium Cura [master] - Ubuntu Impish 1:4.11~202108031804~rev3286~pkg391~ubuntu21.10.1 None
uranium Cura [master] - Ubuntu Focal 1:4.11~202108031802~rev3286~pkg391~ubuntu20.04.1 None
uranium Cura [master] - Ubuntu Hirsute 1:4.11~202108031802~rev3286~pkg391~ubuntu21.04.1 None
cura Cura [master] - Ubuntu Impish 1:4.11~202108031612~rev5297~pkg391~ubuntu21.10.1 None
cura Cura [master] - Ubuntu Hirsute 1:4.11~202108031608~rev5297~pkg391~ubuntu21.04.1 None
cura Cura [master] - Ubuntu Focal 1:4.11~202108031608~rev5297~pkg391~ubuntu20.04.1 None
openrgb OpenRGB - Ubuntu Bionic 0.61.1~202108030617~rev1797~gitd13d54f~ubuntu18.04.1 None