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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
curaengine wily-dev - Ubuntu Wily 0.0.0-0~201508020816~rev501~pkg6~ubuntu15.10.1 3 minutes ago None
libarcus wily-dev - Ubuntu Wily 0.0.0-0~201508020801~rev76~pkg7~ubuntu15.10.1 18 minutes ago None
uranium wily-dev - Ubuntu Wily 0.0.0-0~201508020746~rev855~pkg6~ubuntu15.10.1 33 minutes ago None
zypper Zypper - Ubuntu Vivid 1.11.20-201508020116~2514~5~ubuntu15.04.1 7 hours ago None
zypper Zypper - Ubuntu Trusty 1.11.20-201508020116~2514~5~ubuntu14.04.1 7 hours ago None
protobuf wily-dev - Ubuntu Wily 3.0.0-alpha-0~201508011246~rev2~pkg9~ubuntu15.10.1 19 hours ago None
kivy kivy-testing - Ubuntu Vivid 1.9.1-dev~testing0+201508010901-2937-testing89~ubuntu15.04.1 23 hours ago None
kivy kivy-testing - Ubuntu Trusty 1.9.1-dev~testing0+201508010901-2937-testing89~ubuntu14.04.1 23 hours ago None
cura wily-dev - Ubuntu Wily 0.0.0-0~201508010840~rev274~pkg5~ubuntu15.10.1 23 hours ago None
mt7601 MT7601 STA driver - Ubuntu Wily 2015-08-01 None