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PPA description

adobeair -------------------:adobe air
apt-fast -------------------:Script faster upgrade for apt
atom -----------------------:Writing code with atom
audio-recorder ------------ :Audio recorder
avr8-burn-o-mat ------------:Flash Avr family Atmega tiny family on linux
calibre --------------------:Ebook viewer converter
conky ----------------------:Desktop style
conky-manager --------------:Desktop style
coolterm -------------------:Serial connection on linux
darktable ------------------:image prosseing
desktop-facebook -----------:Facebook Desktop On linux
eagle ----------------------:Drawing PCB On linux
elforkane ------------------:AL-Qur'an Digital on linux
eog-plugins-panorama -------:Plugin panorama for eog viewer
exaile ---------------------:Music Player
exaile-soundmenu-indicator -:Plugin indicator exaile
flashtool ------------------:Flash smartphone experia on linux
fritzing -------------------:chart electronic diagram on linux
gimp-gps -------------------:Gimp plugin GPS
handbrake ------------------:converter MPG,AVi,MP3,etc,
ia32-libs ------------------:Library x86 On system x64
indicator-keylock ----------:Indicator keylock mod elementary OS
indicator-netspeed-unity ---:Indicator netspeed
indicator-usb --------------:Indicator USB
kazam ----------------------:Screen recorder
launchpad-integration ------:dependency Library for Facebook Desktop
lucidor --------------------:Ebook viewer
mintstick ------------------:Usb Formater backport from mint
mobilemediaconverter -------:Simple converter MPG,AVi,MP3,etc,
osdlyrics ------------------:lyric Song On linux
peazip ---------------------:compress and extract archive on linux
plank-themer ---------------:Theme Plank
prozgui --------------------:Downloader server http://
qblade ---------------------:Drawing Blade On linux
scudcloud ------------------:Music Online
simplescreenrecorder -------:Screen recorder On linux
spflashtool ----------------:Flash smartphone Mediatek "MTK" Onlinux
synapse --------------------:Fast search With Synapse
stardict -------------------:Translater
stardict-english-indonesia -:Plugin stardict english to indonesian
stardict-kbbi --------------:Plugin Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia On linux
tuxboot --------------------:make Usb bootable distro linux
tuxcut ---------------------:Net Cut On linux
unetbootin -----------------:make Usb bootable distro linux
uget-chrome-wrapper --------:Integration Uget On Chrome
winff ----------------------:Simple converter MPG,AVi,MP3,etc,
winusb ---------------------:make Usb bootable for windows 7,8,10 On inux
wmail-client ---------------:Mail Client
xdman ----------------------:Xtreame downloader for linux
xdman-downloader -----------:Xtreame downloader for linux
wingpanel-indicator-messenger:Indicator Masseger Elementary OS

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:torik-habib/multimedia to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:torik-habib/multimedia
sudo apt-get update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

deb xenial main 
deb-src xenial main 
Signing key:
4096R/2B067CC53533F081B664BF72F6CBED8742796C8E (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact torikhabib.

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Overview of published packages

175 of 76 results
Package Version Uploaded by
abouttime 0.6.3-1 Jacob Vlijm ()
adobeair 1: andykimpe ()
apt-fast 1.9.5-1~ubuntu16.04.1 Dominique Lasserre ()
atom 1.23.3-1~webupd8~0 Alin Andrei ()
audacity 2.2.2-1build1~ubuntu16.04 Panda Jim ()
audio-recorder 1.9.7~ubuntu16.04.2 torikhabib ()
avr8-burn-o-mat 2.1.2 torikhabib ()
calibre 2.80.0+dfsg-11+torikhabib~ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
conky 1.10.6-1ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
conky-manager 2.4~138+torikhabib torikhabib ()
coolterm 1.4.6+torikhabib torikhabib ()
darktable 1:2.4.4-0pmjdebruijn1~xenial Pascal de Bruijn ()
deluge 2.0.0.dev7125+4982ba0+201712171817~ubuntu16.04.1 Deluge ()
desktop-facebook 1.1.4+25~25~ubuntu14.04.1 Folke Schwinning ()
dia 0.98+git20180109085135~082e3cc5-0ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
eagle 8.6.0+torikhabib torikhabib ()
elforkane 1.2-1ubuntu2 torikhabib ()
eog-plugins-panorama 0.1+torikhabib torikhabib ()
exaile 3.4.5-1ubuntu3 torikhabib ()
exaile-soundmenu-indicator 0.0.6 torikhabib ()
flashtool torikhabib ()
fotoxx 18.01.3-1dhor~xenial Dariusz Duma ()
fritzing 0.9.3b+dfsg-4ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
gimp-gps 2.0+torikhabib torikhabib ()
guvcview 2.0.5+ubuntu2~ppa1+1425-0ubuntu0~201711241731~ubuntu17.04.3 torikhabib ()
handbrake 20180528010119-fd2241a-master-zhb-1ppa1~xenial1 John Stebbins ()
ia32-libs 20160119 torikhabib ()
indicator-keylock 3.1.0ubuntu2 torikhabib ()
indicator-netspeed-unity 1.04-xenial0ubuntu6 torikhabib ()
indicator-usb 1.02entornosgnulinuxxenial-1ubuntu4 torikhabib ()
kazam 1.5.3-0ubuntu1 David Klasinc ()
kid3 3.6.1-0xenial1 Urs Fleisch ()
launchpad-integration 0.1.57ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
libmpv 0.22.0-1~xenial1 Doug McMahon ()
libmypaint 1.3.0-0dev2ppa1~xenial1 Andrew Chadwick ()
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.1.3dev8716+1ede34d+201802190102~ubuntu16.04.1 Deluge ()
lucidor 0.9.12-1ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
mintstick 1.3.8ubuntu1 torikhabib ()
mixxx 2.1.1-0ubuntu1~2.1~git6743~xenial RJ Skerry-Ryan ()
mobilemediaconverter 1.8.5 torikhabib ()
mpv 2:0.28.0+git7~xenial3 Doug McMahon ()
mypaint 1.2.1-0dev1ppa1~xenial1 Andrew Chadwick ()
notepadqq 1.4.4-1~xenial1 Daniel Di Sarli ()
obs-studio 21.0.1-0obsproject1~xenial Gol D. Ace ()
osdlyrics 0.4.3-1~xenial0211~3beol floor ()
peazip 6.5.1+torikhabib torikhabib ()
peek 1.3.1-0~ppa23~ubuntu16.04.1 Philipp Wolfer ()
pithos 1.3.1-1ppa2 TingPing ()
plank-themer NoobsLab ()
prozgui 2.0.7-1~10~ubuntu16.04.1 Raviyanto Ahmad ()
qblade 0.96+torikhabib torikhabib ()
scudcloud 1.65-1 Rael Gugelmin Cunha ()
simplescreenrecorder 0.3.11+1~ppa1~xenial1 Maarten Baert ()
spflashtool 5.1812.00+torikhabib torikhabib ()
sqlitebrowser 3.10.100ubuntu1-0~1946~201802040147~ubuntu16.04.1 Gajj GNDU ()
stardict 3.0.6-1+torikhabib torikhabib ()
stardict-english-indonesia 2.4.2+torikhabib torikhabib ()
stardict-kbbi 2.4.2-1+torikhabib torikhabib ()
synapse Synapse core team ()
taglib 1.10-0ubuntu1~xenial0 RJ Skerry-Ryan ()
telegram 1.2.6-0ubuntu0 Lorenzo Carbonell ()
transmission 2.93-1ubuntu2 torikhabib ()
tuxboot 0.8ppa2~xenial Thomas Tsai ()
tuxcut 5.1+torikhabib torikhabib ()
tvlinker 4.2.0~201805291200~ubuntu16.04.1 ozmartian ()
uget-chrome-wrapper 2.0.7-1 Gobinath ()
unetbootin 667-1~xenial2 Geza Kovacs ()
up-clock 6.0-0~3~ubuntu16.04.1 Archisman Panigrahi ()
vidcutter 5.5.0~201802070610~ubuntu16.04.1 ozmartian ()
winff 1.5.5-1+ppa1 Paul Gevers ()
wingpanel-indicator-messenger 1.0-0~9~ubuntu0.4.1 Felipe Escoto ()
winusb torikhabib ()
wireshark 2.5.1+git20180209170411~be38102e-0ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 (Newer version available) Thomas Dreibholz ()
wmail-client 2.0.0-0ubuntu1 Lorenzo Carbonell ()
xdman NoobsLab ()
175 of 76 results

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  • mintstick 169 weeks ago
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  • taglib 169 weeks ago
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  • mixxx 169 weeks ago
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  • notepadqq 169 weeks ago
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  • unetbootin 169 weeks ago
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