Maintained Packages

128 of 28 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
mailsync Debian Sid 5.2.7-3 None
posixlock Debian Sid 0.0.1-2 None
screenie Ubuntu Natty 1.30.0-6 None
screenie Debian Sid 1.30.0-6 None
mailsync Ubuntu Lucid 5.2.2-1build8 None
posixlock Ubuntu Lucid 0.0.1-1.1 None
mailsync Ubuntu Karmic 5.2.2-1build7 None
mailsync Ubuntu Jaunty 5.2.2-1build6 None
screenie Ubuntu Jaunty 1.30.0-5.1 None
udpcast Debian Lenny 20040531-1 None
screenie Debian Lenny 1.30.0-5 None
posixlock Debian Lenny 0.0.1-1 None
mailsync Debian Lenny 5.2.2-1 None
mailsync Ubuntu Intrepid 5.2.2-1build3 None
mailsync Ubuntu Hardy 5.2.2-1build2 None
screenie Ubuntu Gutsy 1.30.0-4 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Feisty 1:3.2-2 None
posixlock Ubuntu Edgy 0.0.1-1 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Edgy 1:3.1-5 None
mailsync Ubuntu Edgy 5.2.2-1 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Dapper 1:3.1-4 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Breezy 1:3.1-3build1 None
mailsync Ubuntu Breezy 5.2.1-2build1 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Hoary 1:3.0.2-4 None
mailsync Ubuntu Hoary 5.2.1-2 None
xxdiff Ubuntu Warty 1:2.9.2-1 None
udpcast Ubuntu Warty 20040531-1 None
mailsync Ubuntu Warty 5.1.1-4 None
128 of 28 results