Team participation for Tres Seaver

Tres Seaver is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
KARL 2009-06-08 Member
KARL3 Developers 2009-03-06 Member Not subscribed
ZPT Developers Member ZTK steering group
ZTK steering group 2010-04-13 Admin
Zelenium developers 2010-05-05 Owner
Zodb-developers 2010-04-14 Member
Zope 2 Developers 2007-09-28 Admin
Zope 3 Developers Member Zope Administrators
Zope Administrators 2010-04-01 Member
Zope Developers Member Zope Administrators
Zope PAS Owners 2012-05-17 Owner
Zope Porting Member Zope 2 Developers, Zope Administrators
Zope Security Team 2010-06-11 Member
mechanize Team 2010-04-18 Admin
mr.developer Team 2010-04-16 Owner
setuptools 2009-03-31 Member