January 2009 Tech Board Nominations

We have two candidates for a new position on the technical board. Both have agreed to stand in a run-off election, so this is your opportunity to choose the candidate who you would prefer. All Ubuntu developers (MOTU and core) are welcome to participate in this ballot.

You may spoil your ballot if you don't believe that either candidate would be a good representative for your interests on the technical board.

Please select one of the two candidates, or spoil your ballot.

Simple Voting
Secret Votes (It's impossible to track a person's vote)

Voting options

Name Title Active
cjwatson Colin Watson Yes
keescook Kees Cook Yes

Voting has closed

Voting closed on 2009-01-20.


The winner(s) of this poll is(are) Colin Watson

Here are the number of votes each option received.

Option Votes
Colin Watson 45
Kees Cook 17