This team is used by our triaging scripts to determine whether a bug was touched by a triager or a non-triager, in order to make sure that non-triager comments and other activities can be flagged for re-triaging as appropriate.

Team members:

Are members of ~ubuntu-server
Participate (and keep up) in the Ubuntu Server Team's triaging rota
Attend the weekly Ubuntu Server Team IRC meeting
Leave the team when no longer actively triaging according to the rota

Before joining the team, you are expected to be an active triager already and demonstrate that you keep up your assigned rota days.

Triaging is not exclusive to this team; please do triage bugs even if you are not a member. We don't expect all triagers to become members. We simply use this team so that our triage scripts can identify and suppress triage activity by active triagers.

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Robie Basak
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