INSTRUCTIONS (using corosync as the pkg example):


0) Merges (w/ debian) for ubuntu/devel branch will be done through regular MR using "~ubuntu-server-ha" instead of "~launchpad_user".


1) Fixes on top of last merges will be concatenated in:

on top of the previous merge done in (0).


2) Fixes will be built in the ubuntu-ha-devel PPA for testing:

So all packages can be tested together in a same environment.


3) After fixes are done, packages are copied to:

and ALL previous merges done in "~ubuntu-server-ha" git repository are suggested to Ubuntu through git-ubuntu.

This is meat to simulate an "Ubuntu HA Release".



Team (this):

Development PPA:
(ubuntu/devel constant merge requests & reviews)

Stable PPA:
(ready to merge with ubuntu/devel - should be close to pkg/ubuntu/devel)

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