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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
m17n-im-config Debian Sid 0.9.0-3 None
ibus-skk Ubuntu Natty 1.3.5-1 None
ibus-skk Debian Sid 1.3.5-1 None
m17n-im-config Ubuntu Maverick 0.9.0-2 armhf
ibus-skk Ubuntu Maverick 0.0.8-1 None
m17n-im-config Debian Squeeze 0.9.0-2 None
ibus-skk Debian Squeeze 0.0.7-1 None
libusb-ruby Ubuntu Lucid 0.2-2 None
ibus-skk Ubuntu Lucid 0.0.2-1 None
libusb-ruby Debian Sid 0.2-2 None

PPA packages

4 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ibus-skk libskk - Ubuntu Oneiric None
libskk libskk - Ubuntu Oneiric 0.0.4-1ppa1 None
ibus-skk ueno's PPA - Ubuntu Oneiric None
libskk ueno's PPA - Ubuntu Oneiric 0.0.4-1ppa1 None