Anthony Harrington

Ant here :) I'm a multilingual chemistry student from the UK. Ubuntu and Source Mage Linux user. I wish everything were open source! Here to assimilate data and share it freely with our open source community ^_^

I'll help in any capacity i can: I also do an increasing amount of translation work online throughout the year, so feel free to ask and i'll get right on it. (My wiki page - in need of an update lol) (Ubunterrific on ubuntuforums)

How's your british english? If it's high quality and you feel like contributing to the community, how about joining the launchpad EN-GB translation team? Grab your tophat and come join us at !
You can also put these skills to use for the OpenERP team here:

Potesne Latine scribere aut scire? Latin translations are coming to Launchpad and ubuntu soon! ENQUIRE WITHIN

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