Team participation for Ursula Junque

Ursula Junque is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Laptop Testing Team 2011-09-05 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Beta Testers 2008-10-02 Member
Launchpad Users 2008-12-17 Member Not subscribed
Legacy CI (kitsune squad) Stakeholders 2015-10-06 Admin Not subscribed
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Defect Analysts 2011-07-07 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Haiku 2010-01-27 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Phone 2013-03-05 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Reports Dev Team Member Ubuntu Defect Analysts
Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode 2011-07-15 Member
Ubuntu-Women Project 2008-12-01 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2013-03-05 Member